RITA Best Contemporary Series Romance

Series romance novels that focus primarily on the romantic relationship.

Judging guidelines: In this category, the love story is the main focus of the novel, and the ending is emotionally satisfying and optimistic.


Nominierung 2012

Doukakis's Apprentice

RITA Best Contemporary Series Romance 2012

von Sarah Morgan

With her family business in crisis, Polly Prince does her best to keep calm and carry on. But hard work alone can't save her London company from a takeover by the infamously ruthless Damon Doukakis…or her traitorous...

Nominierung 2011

Welcome Home, Cowboy

RITA Best Contemporary Series Romance 2011

von Karen Templeton

He'd never really had a place to call his own...

But the broken-down ranch in front of him was the closest he'd ever come. Now, pregnant widow Emma Manning was struggling to keep it, her children and herself...

Nominierung 2010

Not-So-Perfect Past

RITA Best Contemporary Series Romance 2010

von Beth Andrews

Nina Carlson knows all about Dillon Ward. Knows he served time in prison. Knows nobody put out the welcome mat when he moved to Serenity Springs. But that doesn't stop her from renting him a place to live. And...