The Coral Island

The Coral Island

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Three boys, fifteen-year-old Ralph Rover (the narrator), eighteen-year-old Jack Martin and fourteen-year-old Peterkin Gay, are the sole survivors of a shipwreck on the coral reef of a large but uninhabited Polynesian island. At first their life on the island is idyllic; food, in the shape of fruits, fish and wild pigs, is plentiful, and using their only possessions; a broken telescope, an iron-bound oar and a small axe, they fashion a shelter and even construct a… (mehr)


Sprache: Englisch

Veröffentlicht in: 1857

Wortanzahl: 90.996 Wörter (≈ etwa 6 Stunden)

Urheberrechte: Gemeinfreiheit

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The Bildungsroman is a genre of the novel which focuses on the psychological and moral growth of the protagonist from youth to adulthood. Change is...

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