Shelley: The Poet of Rebellion, Nature, and Love

Shelley: The Poet of Rebellion, Nature, and Love

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Dieses Werk gilt als gemeinfrei in den USA (Veröffentlichung vor 1923) und in der Staaten, wo der Urheberrechtsschutz 70 Jahre nach dem Tod des Autors endet.

Waterlow gives a brief, unpretentious account of the life and works of Percy Bysshe Shelley, who is regarded as one of the finest lyric poets of the English language. Not merely a biography of events, this is an analysis of the age in which Shelley lived his almost 30 years (1792-1822), the character of the young man, and the messages embodied in Shelley's poems. A few quotes:

"In the case of most great writers our interest in them as persons is derived from our interest… (mehr)



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