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In the Clutch of the War-God

von Milo Milton Hastings

FOREWORD: In this strange story of another day, the author has ''dipped into the future'' and viewed with his mind's eye the ultimate effect of America's self-satisfied complacency, and her persistent refusal...

The Captain's Doll

The Road to the Aide Post

The Bowmen

Olga Romanoff or, The Syren of the Skies

von George Griffith

The novel continues (from The Angel of the Revolution) the tale of a worldwide brotherhood of anarchists fighting the world armed with fantastical airships, ending on an apocalyptic note as a comet smashes into...

The Missourian

von Eugene Percy Lyle

The Missourian, a hero half-splendid and half-grotesque, is one of that band of Confederate who, under Joe Shelby, refused even at the eleventh hour to surrender to the Federal forces and conceived the idea...

Ruth Fielding at the War Front

Ailsa Paige

The Chouans

Towards Morning