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Winner Take All

The Bull Dog Breed

Circus Fists

Dark Shanghai

The Slugger's Game

The Gates of Chance

Texas Fists

The TNT Punch

Champ of the Forecastle

Lost in the Fog

Fist and Fang

The Mutineers

von Charles Hawes

A tale of old days at sea and of adventures in the Far East as Benjamin Lathrop set it down some sixty years ago.

General Ironfist

Waterfront Fists

Long Odds

Sluggers on the Beach

The Great Quest

von Charles Hawes

The experiences of Josiah Woods of Topham, and of those others with whom he sailed for Cuba and the Gulf of Guinea.

Jarwin and Cuffy

von Robert Michael Ballantyne

Excerpt: "In all the wide expanse of ocean that surrounded that island, there was nothing visible save one small, solitary speck on the far-off horizon. It might have been mistaken for a seagull, but it was...

Stella Fregelius

Blow the Chinks Down!