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Short Stories (1770)

Science Fiction (1141)

Action & Adventure (323)

Mystery & Detective (254)

Romance (173)

Fantasy (173)

Horror (145)

Westerns (116)

Historical (74)

Humorous (65)

Literary (63)

Occult & Supernatural (55)

Drama (51)

War & Military (50)



Human Science (55)

Biography & autobiography (46)

History (41)

Religion (25)

Social science (22)

Science and Technics (19)

Travel (10)

Humor (5)

Literary criticism (3)

Business & economics (2)

Literary collections (1)



Englisch (3484)

Französisch (1222)

Deutsch (155)

Spanisch (296)

Italienisch (234)

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The Abbess of Castro

The Keepers of the King's Peace

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Ruth Fielding on the St. Lawrence

The People of the Pit

The Glamour of the Snow

The Land of the Hibiscus Blossom

The American Baron

His Family

The Upas Tree

von Florence L. Barclay

A Christmas Story for all the Year.

The Insanity of Jones

The Blue Moccassins

Christmas with Grandma Elsie

von Martha Finley

A Christmas story from the Elsie series.

Lotus Alley

The Duke's Children

The Wall

Ramsey Milholland