Groom Who (Almost) Got Away

Groom Who (Almost) Got Away

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3.49 Groom Who (Almost) Got Away

The groom who almost got away?

Completely got away is more like it. Max Slade just up and left Calley Hastings without a word. But now, three little Slades suddenly send for her….

What she learns:

1) Max left her to raise his orphaned brothers on their Wyoming ranch.

2) The boys figured Max would smile more if Calley came to marry him.

3) Max still isn't smiling.

Now, Calley's in love with four Slade cowboys. And the tall, good-looking one in the Stetson isn't getting… (mehr)


Verlag: Harlequin Treasury-Silhouette Yours Truly 90s (15. Juli 2011)

Format: EPUB

Seitenzahl: 192 Seiten

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Schutz: DRM

Sprache: Englisch

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