Blackberry Playbook Companion

Blackberry Playbook Companion

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12.99 Blackberry Playbook Companion

The ultimate full-color consumer guide to the fun and functional BlackBerry PlayBook

BlackBerry's entry into the tablet market adds a new dimension to the image of the BlackBerry as a tool primarily for business. The PlayBook does business, but it also does fun, and this handy, full-color book covers just what you need to get up and running with your PlayBook and make the most of it. In an entertaining and to-the-point fashion, this guide shows you how to connect… (mehr)


Verlag: Wiley ( 4. August 2011)

Format: EPUB

Seitenzahl: 288 Seiten

Dateigröße: 25,8 MB

Schutz: DRM

Sprache: Englisch

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