The Burglar in the Rye

The Burglar in the Rye

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7.99 The Burglar in the Rye

Gulliver Fairborn's novel, Nobody's Baby, changed Bernie Rhodenbarr's life. And now pretty Alice Cottrell, Fairborn's one-time paramour, wants the bookselling, book-loving burglar to break into a room in New York's teeth-achingly charming Paddington Hotel and purloin some of the writer's very personal letters before an unscrupulous agent can sell them. Here's an opportunity to use his unique talents in the service of the revered, famously reclusive author. But when… (mehr)


Verlag: HarperCollins (13. Oktober 2009)

Format: EPUB

Dateigröße: 392 KB

Schutz: DRM

Sprache: Englisch

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