Some People, Some Other Place

Some People, Some Other Place

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11.99 Some People, Some Other Place

For generations Eula Too’s family has been making a journey North, year after year, step by painful step; and she’s determined to be the one to make it all the way to Chicago. In and out of school, taking care of her fourteen brothers and sisters, she can see no way out. But when a new family burden threatens to overwhelm her, she at last leaves for the city, only to find that her life gets even tougher.

Ranging from the Deep South at the turn of the century,… (mehr)


Verlag: Anchor (18. Dezember 2007)

Format: EPUB

Seitenzahl: 384 Seiten

Dateigröße: 566 KB

Schutz: DRM

Sprache: Englisch

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