Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

Our Lady of Alice Bhatti

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From the author of the acclaimed A Case of Exploding Mangoes (“An insanely brilliant, satirical first novel . . . Belongs in a tradition that includes Catch-22—The Washington Post), a subversively, often shockingly funny new novel set in steaming Karachi, about second chances, thwarted ambitions and love in the most unlikely places.

   The patients of the Sacred Heart Hospital for All Ailments need a miracle. Alice Bhatti may be just what they’re looking… (mehr)

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The scorn Hanif heaps on his homeland is endless, disdainful beyond words. But his deep affection for his characters and their daily struggles makes this a perversely beautiful book.

At its best, “Our Lady of Alice Bhatti” isn’t amusing or entertaining or anything so mealy-mouthed. It’s belly-laugh-inducing.

Laced with humor, often ribald and iconoclastic, this is an insightful tale of pain and love, a story of a quest for humanity and grace in a desperate, chaotic society.


Verlag: Vintage (29. Mai 2012)

Format: EPUB

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