Genet: A Biography

Genet: A Biography

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16.99 Genet: A Biography

In this revelatory biography of Jean Genet, we have the first full-scale life of one of the great -- and controversial -- figures of twentieth-century literature. Edmund White shows us the writer in all his permutations: poet, dandy, homosexual, thief; a 'thug of genius', as Simone de Beauvoir called him.

Moving from Genet's illegitimate birth in 1910 to his foster childhood in a farming village in central France, Edmund White explores the early milieu that transformed… (mehr)


Verlag: Vintage (29. September 2010)

Format: EPUB

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Sprache: Englisch

Buchpreises: Preisträger des National Book Critics Circle Award for Biography/Autobiography 1993

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