Night's Rose

Night's Rose

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7.99 Night's Rose

Beauty was not awakened by a kiss.

For nearly one hundred years, Rosemarie Edenberg has worked tirelessly to wipe the dreaded ogre tribe from the earth. Now the tribe has gathered in London to work a spell that will destroy the scourge of their kind, the woman they call the Briar Rose.

Two magnetic men will unite to aid Rose--her mysterious Fey advisor, Ambrose, and the vampire, Lord Shenley, an Earl of scandalous reputation and even more scandalous appetites. One… (mehr)


Verlag: Tom Doherty Associates ( 1. April 2010)

Buchreihe: Tor Books

Format: EPUB

Dateigröße: 345,9 KB

Schutz: Ohne DRM

Sprache: Englisch

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