In the Darkest Night

In the Darkest Night

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7.99 In the Darkest Night

Fleeing from both her dark heritage and the magical council she attempted to steal from, Farran’s greatest fear is to be sent back to the father she has utterly betrayed. Yet when a demon attempts to capture her, Farran knows she cannot stay hidden.  She must find help.

Kel Andrews is a magical troubleshooter with troubles of his own. Recovering from being kidnapped and tortured by darksiders, Kel has been removed from active duty by the magical council. When the… (mehr)


Verlag: Tom Doherty Associates ( 1. April 2010)

Buchreihe: Tor Books

Format: EPUB

Dateigröße: 2,1 MB

Schutz: Ohne DRM

Sprache: Englisch

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