American Tropic

American Tropic

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Thomas Sanchez’s American Tropic is a heart-racing ecological thriller that showcases today’s headline issues. Sanchez’s first Key West novel, Mile Zero, was hailed by The Washington Post Book World as a “holy terror of a book of immense power and passion,” acclaimed by The New York Times Book Review as “dazzling,” and lauded by Vanity Fair as “mythmaking and magisterial.” Now, Sanchez returns again to America’s famous southernmost continental… (mehr)

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American Tropic is not unlike what one might expect from, say, Tim Dorsey or Tom Robbins after several months of Adderall therapy, though the tone is far more grim than any of those gentlemen’s tomes. Still, the book shares the somewhat surreal atmosphere of Dorsey’s settings...

Sanchez is correct, of course, in his view of the challenged environment of Key West and the greedy and corrupt people responsible, but at moments American Tropic makes a James Bond movie seem subtle by comparison.

This neatly plotted book with an exotic setting rises to the level of ferocious dramatic polemic against some of the worst crimes against nature - and, by extension, humanity.


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