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The story of Maya Angelou’s extraordinary life has been chronicled in her multiple bestselling autobiographies. But now, at last, the legendary author shares the deepest personal story of her life: her relationship with her mother.


For the first time, Angelou reveals the triumphs and struggles of being the daughter of Vivian Baxter, an indomitable spirit whose petite size belied her larger-than-life presence—a presence absent during… (mehr)

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Perhaps Angelou is counting on the reader to have read her previous memoirs to fill in the blanks; a reader new to Angelou’s work may find aspects of the book — such as the glossed-over evolution of her writing life — a bit unsatisfying.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings was a ground-breaking triumph. Mom & Me & Mom does a good job of undermining it.

If there is a lesson here – and Angelou’s work always offers a lesson – it is that we can choose to be embittered, or we can choose to receive the love extended to us, however difficult that love might be.


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