The Babylon Rite: A Novel

The Babylon Rite: A Novel

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9.99 The Babylon Rite: A Novel

What terrible secret has driven the world's foremost historian of the Knights Templar to kill himself?

Journalist Adam Blackwood has just been handed the story of a lifetime: something is hidden in the famous Knights Templar chapel of Rosslyn that could unlock the greatest mystery of the medieval Templars-until the one man who could decipher the final clue commits a grotesque suicide. Adam sets out to learn why.

In Peru, anthropologist Jess Silverton is researching… (mehr)

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This is a chilling and truly frightening tale that deftly blends science fiction with ancient historical secrets.


Verlag: Plume ( 2. Mai 2013)

Format: EPUB

Seitenzahl: 368 Seiten

Dateigröße: 1,1 MB

Schutz: DRM

Sprache: Englisch

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