The Braindead Megaphone

The Braindead Megaphone

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11.99 The Braindead Megaphone

From the New York Times bestselling author of Tenth of December, a 2013 National Book Award Finalist for Fiction.

The breakout book from "the funniest writer in America"--not to mention an official "Genius"--his first nonfiction collection ever.

George Saunders's first foray into nonfiction is comprised of essays on literature, travel, and politics. At the core of this unique collection are Saunders's travel essays based on his trips to seek out the mysteries of the… (mehr)


Verlag: Riverhead ( 4. September 2007)

Format: EPUB

Seitenzahl: 272 Seiten

Dateigröße: 573 KB

Schutz: DRM

Sprache: Englisch

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