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Charlotte “Charlie” Swift is a former Air Force investigator, now working as a private investigator, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Swift Justice

Charlie Swift #1

von Laura DiSilverio

Charlotte "Charlie" Swift prefers working alone. That's why after eight years as an Air Force investigator she became a PI rather than a cop. She lives alone, she works alone, and aside for the occasional flirtation...

Swift Edge

Charlie Swift #2

von Laura DiSilverio

When world-class figure skater Dmitri Fane goes missing, his partner knows just whom to hire. It's up to Swift Investigations to find the missing Fane, and fast---the Olympics are just weeks away. It should...

Swift Run

Charlie Swift #3

von Laura DiSilverio

Finalist for the Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery

With Charlie convalescing from a gunshot wound, Gigi is temporarily running Swift Investigations when Heather-Anne Pawlusik, the tramp who ran off with...