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The Jewish Life Cycle: Rites of Passage from Biblical to Modern Times

von Ivan G. Marcus

In this original and sweeping review of Jewish culture and history, Ivan Marcus examines how and why various rites and customs celebrating stages in the life cycle have evolved through the ages and persisted...

Judaism and Hellenism in Antiquity: Conflict or Confluence?

von Lee I. Levine

Generations of scholars have debated the influence of Greco-Roman culture on Jewish society and the degree of its impact on Jewish material culture and religious practice in Palestine and the Diaspora of antiquity....

A Gift of Barbed Wire: America's Allies Abandoned in South Vietnam

von Robert S. McKelvey

A Gift of Barbed Wire is a penetrating look at the lives of South Vietnamese officials and their families left behind in Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975. A former Marine who served in Vietnam, Robert...

Graduate Research: A Guide for Students in the Sciences

von Robert V. Smith

Concise, encouraging, and filled with practical information, this book is a step-by-step guide for students in the life, natural, physical, and social-behavioral sciences. This third edition has been updated...

Snow Day - Sexy Shorts

von Willa Edwards

Michaela is thrilled to get home after the tense drive from work on the snow covered highway. And she may be just a little bitter that her boyfriend and teacher, Ben, spent all day in bed, on a snow day from...

Shifter Tales: Hey There Little Red Riding Hood & It Was A Dark And Storm Night

von Danyealle Autumn Myst

HEY THERE RED RIDING HOOD: Learn the true origins of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood! The big bad wolf isn’t what he seems nor is Red, and they have a destiny to fulfill that will affect all of their kind....

The Black Rose Of Florence

von Michele Giuttari

A strikingly beautiful young woman is found dead in her Florence apartment. She lies on her bed, naked, a black rose between her legs. And the murders do not stop there: shortly afterwards, a woman is burned...

The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Economy

von Philip Auerswald

Ours is the most dynamic era in human history. The benefits of four centuries of technological and organizational change are at last reaching a previously excluded global majority. This transformation will create...

Live-Work Planning and Design

von Thomas Dolan

“Although the live-work concept is now accepted among progressive urban design and planning professionals, the specifics that define the term, and its application, remain sketchy. This encyclopedic work is...

Food Styling and Photography For Dummies

von Parks-Whitfield

Discover how to style and photograph food like the pros

Whether you're taking shots for a foodie blog, advertisements, packaging, menus, or cookbooks, Food Styling & Photography For Dummies shows you how to...

Pocket Handbook of Small Animal Medicine

von Kit Sturgess

Concise, problem-oriented, and accessibly designed, the Pocket Handbook focuses on the essentials of medicine and surgery of the dog and cat. The book's helps start the process of case management and resolution....

Medicine at a Glance

von Patrick Davey

The central title in the market-leading at a Glance series, Medicine at a Glance provides a concise and accessible introduction to the study of medicine and is the ultimate revision guide for the core medical...

The Pauson-Khand Reaction

von Ramon Rios Torres

The Pauson-Khand reaction is an important reaction in the field of organic chemistry. It involves the transition-metal catalysed cycloaddition of an alkyne, an alkene and carbon monoxide, to produce cyclopentenones....

The Walking Dead and Philosophy

von Christopher Robichaud & William Irwin

The story of The Walking Dead chronicles the lives of a group of survivors in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead is an Eisner-award winning comic book series by writer Robert Kirkman. Started...

CompTIA Network+ Review Guide

von Bill Ferguson

Fast, focused review for the latest CompTIA Network+ Exam N10-005

CompTIA's Network+ certification is the leading non-vendor networking certification in the world and has become the standard certification for...

App Empire

von Chad Mureta

A guide to building wealth by designing, creating, and marketing a successful app across any platform

Chad Mureta has made millions starting and running his own successful app business, and now he explains how...

Complete Book of Framing

von Scot Simpson

The updated easy-to-learn reference for rough carpentry and framing

Complete Book of Framing, Second Edition is an updated, easy-to-learn guide to rough carpentry and framing written by an expert with more than...

Caliphs and Kings

von Roger Collins

Roger Collins, a leading historian, investigates a time in Spanish history known for its multi-religious society - when Christians, Jews and Muslims lived in apparent harmony - revealing a fuller, more complex...

Danger Tours

von Chris Dreier & Giuseppe D'Elia

Danger Tours is an action filled sci-fi book for all ages about two friends, JP and Alex, who own a haphazardly run danger touring company. Alex, pilot and mechanic is the rational brains of the operation. His...

The Civil War: The Second Year Told By Those Who Lived It: (Library of America #221)

von Stephen W Sears

The Library of America's ambitious four-volume series continues with this volume that traces events from January 1862 to January 1863, an unforgettable portrait of the crucial year that turned a secessionist...