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Floods 7: Top Gear

von Colin Thompson

With their worst enemy on their trail, the Floods family are on the run and in disguise in the seventh book of this hilarious bestselling series. While the Floods were on holiday with their human friends the...

Floods 8: Better Homes And Gardens

von Colin Thompson

In Transylvania Waters Mordonna and Nerlin should be King and Queen. But there are some seriously nasty characters standing in their way . . . After years on the run, the Floods are coming home. And just in...

The Never Boys

von Scott Monk

Set in the Barossa Valley area of South Australia, THE NEVER BOYS tells the story of Dean Mason, a boy with many secrets. On the run from the law, he gets a job as a rouseabout on a sheep farm, the first of...


von Scott Monk

Brett Dalton is a tough guy - hardened, angry, uncaring and always ready to use his fists. When the world hates you, you might as well hate it back...But when Brett is busted by the cops for stealing and sent...

The Crush

von Scott Monk

Fifteen-year-old Matthew Cassidy is an up-and-coming rugby league star. The talent scouts are circling him, his school team has reached the finals for the first time ever and he's determined to one day play...

Boyz 'r' Us

von Scott Monk

It's a long, mad ride from Summer Bay!Chicks, babes, cars and music; bored kids and shouting mothers; fathers that suck on a bottle to put themselves to sleep; and TV sets blaring mindlessly. Race tensions are...


von James Barclay

THIS IS THE END.... The dragons have gone home, the elves are safe. The Raven have kept their promises. But fate has not finished with them. As the war between the colleges rages on, an old enemy senses that...

The Science of History in Victorian Britain: Making the Past Speak

von Ian Hesketh

Hesketh challenges accepted notions of a single scientific approach to history. Instead, he draws on a variety of sources - monographs, lectures, correspondence - from eminent Victorian historians to uncover...

Old Age and Disease in Early Modern Medicine

von Daniel Schaefer

This book takes a thematic look at the historical roots of the debate surrounding old age and disease.

Agatha H. and the Airship City

von Kaja Foglio & Phil Foglio

The Industrial Revolution has escalated into all-out warfare. It has been eighteen years since the Heterodyne Boys, benevolent adventurers and inventors, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Today, Europe...

The Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting Playbook

von Lynn Grabhorn

This witty and practical guide to Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting is no ordinary workbook. The Playbook takes readers well beyond the basic ground rules of deliberate creation as laid out in Excuse Me--in a...

Why I Am a Buddhist: No-Nonsense Buddhism with Red Meat and Whiskey

von Stephen T. Asma

Profound and amusing, this book provides a viable approach to answering the perennial questions: Who am I? Why am I here? How can I live a meaningful life? For Asma, the answers are to be found in Buddhism....

The Prada Plan 2: Leah's Story

von Ashley Antoinette

Ashley Antoinette (of Ashley & JaQuavis fame) steps out on her own once again with the next installment of her scandalously sexy Prada Plan series! Infamous bad girl Leah Richards may have lost Indie to YaYa,...

Key Lime Pie Murder

von Joanne Fluke

New York Times Bestseller

It promises to be a busy week for Hannah Swensen. Not only is she whipping up treats for the chamber of commerce booth at the Tri-County fair, she's also judging the baking contest;acting...

A Guide Book of Gold Dollars

von Q. David Bowers & David Akers

United States gold dollars are a fascinating and highly collectible series. In A Guide Book of Gold Dollars, Q. David Bowers-the "Dean of American Numismatics" and the most prolific numismatic author of all...

The Worried Child: Recognizing Anxiety in Children and Helping Them Heal

von Paul , Ph.D. Foxman

Anxiety in children decreases their intellectual, emotional, and social development, as well as physical health. Author Paul Foxman believes there are three interacting ingredients that contribute to anxiety...

Food, Fun, Fitness and More

von Ken Ogorek

A full, authentic life-that's every teen's desire, and every teen's right. That's the message of Let's Talk, a new catechetical program specifically designed for 9th-12th grade teens. Developed by an experienced...


von Adora Bennett

The only African American vice president at one of Boston's hottest ad agencies, Jada Green is at the top of her game. She's 45 and single, but she's living life to the fullest. Luca Alessandri, the strikingly...

Keep Your Courage: A Radical Christian Feminist Speaks

von Carter Heyward

Carter Heyward is one of the most influential and controversial theologians of our time. Under headings "Speaking Truth to Power," Remembering Who We Are," and "Celebrating Our Friends," she reflects on how...

Women's Barracks

von Tereska Torres

The problems, temptations, fights and failures of the women in Women's Barracks are those faced by all women who are forced to live together during dangerous and stressful times. The girls who chose Tereska...