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Beat Cop to Top Cop: A Tale of Three Cities

von John Timoney & Tom Wolfe

From Beat Cop to Top Cop: A Tale of Three Cities documents John Timoney's rise, from his days as a tough street cop in the South Bronx right up to his role as police chief of Miami.

The Capture of Constantinople: The "Hystoria Constantinopolitana" of Gunther of Pairis

von Alfred Andrea

The Hystoria Constantinopolitana relates the adventures of Martin of Pairis, an abbot of the Cistercian Order who participated in the plunder of the city, as recorded by his monk Gunther. Alfred Andrea has captured...

A Voice for Human Rights

von Mary Robinson, Kevin Boyle & Kofi Annan

Mary Robinson was United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights from 1997 to 2002. During those five tumultuous years, which included the tragic events of 9/11, she offered moral leadership and vision to...

The Ingenious Dr. Franklin: Selected Scientific Letters of Benjamin Franklin

von Nathan Goodman

The Ingenious Dr. Franklin, an outstanding collection of Benjamin Franklin's scientific correspondence, has long been unavailable yet deserves a place beside his Autobiography as essential reading for everyone...

Love and Honor in the Himalayas: Coming To Know Another Culture

von Ernestine McHugh

American anthropologist Ernestine McHugh arrived in the foothills of the Annapurna mountains in Nepal, and, surrounded by terraced fields, rushing streams, and rocky paths, she began one of several sojourns...

Groundwork: Charles Hamilton Houston and the Struggle for Civil Rights

von Genna McNeil & Leon Jr.

"A classic. . . . [It] will make an extraordinary contribution to the improvement of race relations and the understanding of race and the American legal process."—Judge A. Leon Higginbotham, Jr., from the...

Philosophy of Existence

von Karl Jaspers & Richard Grabau

A compact discussion of being, truth, and reality by Karl Jaspers (1883-1969), the founder of German existentialism.

Fall River Outrage: Life, Murder, and Justice in Early Industrial New England

von David Kasserman

Recounts one of the most sensational and widely reported murder cases—a minister charged with the death by hanging of a pregnant mill worker—in nineteenth-century America.

Do Museums Still Need Objects?

von Steven Conn

In this broadly conceived study Steven Conn examines the development of American museums across the twentieth century with a historian's attention and a critic's eye. He focuses on an array of museum types and...

Marriage and Violence: The Early Modern Legacy

von Frances Dolan

Marriage is often described as a melding of two people into one. But what—or who—must be lost, fragmented, or buried in that process? Dolan reveals the contradiction that lies at the very heart of modern...

History Matters: Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism

von Judith Bennett

Written for everyone interested in women's and gender history, History Matters reaffirms the importance of viewing history from a distance and with feminist intent. Bennett argues that the achievement of a more...

Let This Voice Be Heard: Anthony Benezet, Father of Atlantic Abolitionism

von Maurice Jackson

In the first intellectual biography of the man universally recognized in his own time as the founder of the Atlantic antislavery movement, Jackson demonstrates how Anthony Benezet mediated Enlightenment political...

Witchcraft and Magic: Contemporary North America

von Helen Berger

In original essays the book explores both religions that incorporate magical or occult beliefs and practices and contemporary responses to these religions in North America and the Caribbean.

Iraq at a Distance: What Anthropologists Can Teach Us About the War

von Antonius Robben

Iraq at a Distance describes the plight of the Iraqi people, caught since 2003 in the carnage between U.S. troops and Iraqi insurgents. This provocative book is a bold attempt by five distinguished anthropologists...

A Natural History of the Romance Novel

von Pamela Regis

Pamela Regis argues that the romance novel, the most popular but least respected of literary genres, does not enslave women but celebrates their freedom and joy. Regis provides critics with an expanded vocabulary...

Debt for Sale: A Social History of the Credit Trap

von Brett Williams

After September 11, 2001 ordinary Americans were urged to shop. Patriotic shopping would thwart terrorists, celebrate public life, and pull us back from the abyss of recession. We needed to be good citizen-consumers,...

Kinesics and Context: Essays on Body Motion Communication

von Ray Birdwhistell

Ray L. Birdwhistell, in this study of human body motion (a study he terms kinesics), advances the theory that human communication needs and uses all the senses, that the information conveyed by human gestures...

Misogyny: The Male Malady

von David Gilmore

David D. Gilmore studies the phenomenon of women-hating, offering a psychogenic explanation for the pervasiveness and similarity of misogyny across a wide range of societies.

Barbarian Tides: The Migration Age and the Later Roman Empire

von Walter Goffart

Barbarian Tides radically subverts the grand narrative of a "Germanic" migration and reinvents the role of barbarians in the Later Roman Empire. Goffart sets out how the fragmented foreign peoples once living...

Everyday Politics: Reconnecting Citizens and Public Life

von Harry Boyte

Increasingly a spectator sport, electoral politics have become bitterly polarized by professional consultants and lobbyists and have been boiled down to the distributive mantra of "who gets what." In Everyday...