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Dictator's Ransom

Rogue Warrior #14

von Richard Marcinko & Jim Defelice

Is Kim Jong-il really a fanatical fan of Dick Marcinko, the Rogue Warrior? Has the terrifying tyrant actually read every one of Marcinko's many New York Times bestsellers?

One thing is certain: the Rogue Warrior...

The Secret of Laurel Oaks

von Lois Ruby

When Lila and her family visit Laurel Oaks Plantation in Louisiana, her parents and brother scoff at the claim that the house is haunted. But secretly, Lila suspects there are ghostly presences willing to communicate...

Bite Marks

von Terence Taylor

A teenage runaway is killed by a sadistic vampire with the pathology of a serial killer, who has stalked her family for over a decade.  Brought back to life to feed on her child, she’s killed again -- but...


von Richard Powers


When Chicagoan Russell Stone finds himself teaching a Creative Nonfiction...

Alphabet Juice

von Roy Blount Jr.

Ali G: How many words does you know?

Noam Chomsky: Normally, humans, by maturity, have tens of thousands of them.

Ali G: What is some of 'em?—Da Ali G Show Did you know that both mammal and matter derive from...

Water Touching Stone

Inspector Shan #2

von Eliot Pattison

Cloistered in a remote sanctuary, Shan Tao Yun has received shattering news. A teacher revered by the oppressed has been found slain. One by one, her orphaned students have followed her to her grave, victims...

Sea of Poppies

von Amitav Ghosh

At the heart of this vibrant saga is a vast ship, the Ibis. Its destiny is a tumultuous voyage across the Indian Ocean; its purpose, to fight China’s vicious nineteenth-century Opium Wars. As for the crew,...

Cat O'Nine Tails

von Julia Golding

Cat is finally living a life of luxury--and so bored she's going out of her mind. But then she and her friends are kidnapped and forced to work on a ship bound for the New World. With a mystery to solve and...

Night Runner

von Max Turner

For Zack Thomson, living in the Nicholls Ward isn't so bad. After his parents died, he developed strange and severe allergies, and the mental institution was the only place where he could be properly looked...

Whistlin' Dixie in a Nor'easter

Dixie #1

von Lisa Patton

Leelee Satterfield seemed to have it all: a gorgeous husband, two adorable daughters, and roots in the sunny city of Memphis, Tennessee.  So when her husband gets the idea to uproot the family to run a quaint...

Gallows Lane

Inspector Devlin #2

von Brian McGilloway

The heart-stopping follow-up to Brian McGilloway’s thrilling debut, Gallows Lane continues the compelling series that captures modern Ireland and showcases a striking new voice in crime writing.

In his critically...

Chrystal's New Uniform: Pink Flamingo Publications

von JG Leathers

The naive eighteen year old Chrystal has long had a fascination for rubber, a fascination that her stepmother Lady Arlen has heartily encouraged. Under the woman's guidance, Chrystal has already enjoyed the...

Using csh & tcsh

von Paul DuBois

If you use UNIX, you probably use csh to type commands even if you've never heard of it. It's the standard shell (command line) on most UNIX systems. tcsh is an enhanced version that's freely available and highly...

Rome Reborn on Western Shores: Historical Imagination and the Creation of the American Republic

von Eran Shalev

Rome Reborn on Western Shores examines the literature of the Revolutionary era to explore the ways in which American patriots employed the classics and to assess antiquity's importance to the early political...

Haunting Jordan

von P.J. Alderman

RITA-nominated author P. J. Alderman weaves present-day supernatural sleuthery with nineteenth-century intrigue in the first book of an enchanting new mystery series set in picturesque Port Chatham, Washington....

When You Went Away

von Michael Baron

Only a few months ago, Gerry Rubato had everything he thought he needed from life. He was passionately in love with his college sweetheart after nearly twenty years of marriage, he had a bright, independent-minded...

Now or Never: Why We Must Act Now to End Climate Change and Create a Sustainable Future

von Tim Flannery

In Now or Never, the internationally acclaimed author of The Weather Makers returns to the subject of climate change with a book that is at once a forceful call to action and a deeply (and often surprisingly)...

Students with Disabilities, Learning Difficulties and Disadvantages in the Baltic States, South Eastern Europe and Malta

von Collective

This book provides an internationally comparable set of indicators on the educational provision for students with disabilities, learning difficulties and disadvantages (SENDDD). It covers the number of students...

OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Mexico 2009

von Collective

Over the past decade, Mexico has made significant progress towards macroeconomic stability and has undertaken important structural reforms to further open the economy to trade and investment, and improve the...

Handbook of Silicon Based MEMS Materials and Technologies

von Veikko Lindroos, Markku Tilli & Ari Lehto

A comprehensive guide to MEMS materials, technologies and manufacturing, examining the state of the art with a particular emphasis on current and future applications.

Key topics covered include:

  • Silicon as...