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The Rock: A Tale of Seventh-Century Jerusalem

von Kanan Makiya

Whose rock is enshrined inside the golden Dome of Jerusalem? The rock of Moses or of Muhammad? Kanan Makiya gathers together the stories, legends, and beliefs that define the Rock—the place where Adam landed...

The Sunken Kingdom #1: Ghost Ship

von Kim Wilkins & D.M. Cornish

EVER SINCE EMPEROR Flood drowned their kingdom and overthrew their parents, Asa and Rollo have been hiding out in Two Hills Keep. Then a mysterious stranger tells them their baby sister wasn’t killed along...

The Kidnapped Prince: The Life of Olaudah Equiano

von Ann Cameron

Kidnapped at the age of 11 from his home in Benin, Africa, Olaudah Equiano spent the next 11 years as a slave in England, the U.S., and the West Indies, until he was able to buy his freedom. His autobiography,...


von David Elkind

Designed to help parents avoid the miseducation of young children. Dr. Elkind shows us the very real difference between the mind of a pre-school child and that of a school age child.

The Terrorists

Martin Beck #10

von Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo

The final novel in the Martin Beck mystery series by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö is a masterful, all consuming tale that rushes toward a thrilling, unexpected climax.


An American senator is visiting Stockholm...

Cop Killer

Martin Beck #9

von Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo

The shocking ninth novel in the Martin Beck mystery series by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö finds Beck investigating parallel cases that have shocked a small rural community.


In a country town, a woman is brutally...

Murder at the Savoy

Martin Beck #6

von Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo

The shocking sixth novel in the Martin Beck mystery series by the internationally renowned crime writing duo by Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, finds Beck investigating a brutal assassination.When Viktor Palmgren,...

The Laughing Policeman

Martin Beck #4

von Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo

The incredible fourth novel in the Martin Beck mystery series by the internationally renowned crime writing duo Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, finds Martin Beck heading a major manhunt in pursuit of a mass-murderer....

The Fire Engine that Disappeared

Martin Beck #5

von Maj Sjowall & Per Wahloo

The lightning-paced fifth novel in the Martin Beck mystery series by the internationally renowned crime writing duo, Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö, finds Beck investigating one of the strangest, most violent,...

Mistler's Exit

von Louis Begley

Thomas Mistler has always thought himself "a happy man, as the world goes." A scion of old money, he made his own fortune in advertising and is now poised to sell the company he founded for a fabulous price....

A Taste For Death

Adam Dalgliesh #7

Macavity Best Mystery Novel 1987

von P.D. James

When the quiet Little Vestry of St. Matthew's Church becomes the blood-soaked scene of a double murder, Scotland Yard Commander Adam Dalgliesh faces an intriguing conundrum: How did an upper-crust Minister come...

Younger Than That Now: A Shared Passage from the Sixties

von Jeff Durstewitz & Ruth Williams

He was a rabble-rousing New York high school senior.  She was a fiercely proud daughter of the Deep South.  In 1969 these two strangers exchanged angry letters, igniting a lifetime friendship and an extraordinary...

Rogue Male

von Geoffrey Household & Victoria Nelson

1930-something: a professional hunter is passing through an unnamed Central European country that is in the thrall of a vicious dictator. The hunter wonders whether he can penetrate undetected into the dictator’s...

The Scent of the Gods

von Fiona Cheong & Leslie Bow

The Scent of the Gods tells the enchanting, haunting story of a young girl's coming of age in Singapore during the tumultuous years of its formation as a nation. Eleven-year-old Su Yen bears witness to the secretive...

Ten Commandments: The Christian Code of Conduct

von John C. Williams

God has given us ten simple rules to follow that we may have life and have it more abundantly. From the time He unveiled the Ten Commandments to the children of Israel at Mount Sinai until now, God's people...

Lasting Relationship with God

von Paul Gavaza

Many Christians emphasize Jesus' second coming as the event that will usher in our heavenly life with God, but in the meantime, here on earth, they neglect to nurture their relationship with God, not realizing...

Best iPad Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders

von Peter Meyers

What really wows iPad fans is when their touchscreen does what's impossible on other gadgets: the finger-painting app that turns a cross-country flight into a moving art class, the mini music studio (two-dozen...

Veneficus: Stones of the Chosen

The Veneficial Progressions #1

von Chris Page

This is the beginning of an epic saga of books featuring the savage and brutal realism of Dark Ages conflict with domineering rulers and stardust legends. A veneficus is a Dark Ages hybrid of sorcerer, magician,...

The Logic Bomb

von Paul Wordsworth

Amsterdam 2054: Damen van Hool is working on just another job: directing the vid story of how, three decades before, gravity wave signals were detected from another intelligence. His work takes him inside the...

Between the Devil and the Deep: A Memoir of Acting and Reacting

von Pieter-Dirk Uys

'"Adapt or die!" PW Botha spat out at us from the television news. And so the new show was called Adapt or Dye.' The comedy of Pieter-Dirk Uys has been with us for as long as we can remember. In this funny,...