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Outlook 2010 All-in-One For Dummies

von Jennifer Fulton & Karen S. Fredricks

Extensive coverage on using Microsoft Outlook to manage and organize your day

As the number one e-mail client and personal information manager, Microsoft Outlook offers a set of uncomplicated features that maximize...

A Doubter's Guide to the Bible

von Terry Giles

An engaging exploration of the Bible's authority in light of difficult questions about its relevance in the modern world.

Following at a Distance: A Lenten Study for Adults

Henry VIII and His Court

von Luise Muhlbach

This novel is based on the true life of Henry VIII, one of England's most famous - or infamous kings. Marriages, divorces, beheadings, death and glory - all contained within the pages of this fantastic ebook....

The Practical Distiller

von Samuel McHarry

The Practical Distiller was first published in 1809 when spirit distillation was legal in the United States. It describes the methods for making whiskey and other forms of liquor from the 1600's onward. This...

Twitter Tips, Tricks, and Tweets

von Paul McFedries

Maximize your fun and boost your productivity with this updated, full-color guide to tantalizing Twitter tips!

The popularity of Twitter continues to soar, and is fast becoming the most popular social networking...

Reverse Mergers: And Other Alternatives to Traditional IPOs

von David N. Feldman & Steven Dresner

In good markets or bad, reverse mergers play a key role for companies that want to avoid the IPO route for going public. Since the successful first edition of Reverse Mergers was published in 2006, the economic...

Site Furnishings: A Complete Guide to the Planning, Selection and Use of Landscape Furniture and Amenities

von Bill Main & Gail Greet Hannah

Introducing the first all-in-one guide to site furniture principles, processes, and best practices

Furniture matters—outdoors as well as in. Understanding the connections between site and site furniture enhances...

Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies

von Tim Koller & Marc Goedhart

The University Edition of Valuation 4e offers students and professors up-to-date information on valuing companies. It contains all the revisions of the main edition, plus end of chapter questions for the needs...

Ready-to-Go School's Out: Youth Ministry Ideas for School Breaks and Summer Vacation

von Todd Outcalt

Provides support and practical ideas to help youth workers minister to teens (ages 12-18) when school is not in session

Strength for the Broken Places

von James A Harnish

Explores how God's grace brings strength and healing to the broken places in people's lives

Nighty Night Noah

von Molly Schaar Idle

Captivating illustrations help children learn the alphabet and take to heart a traditional bedtime prayer.

How to Start and Sustain a Faith-Based Young Adult Group

von John D Schroeder

This book will be a basic resource for persons to use who are interested in starting and sustaining a faith-based small group for young adults. It will include how to start a young adult group, how to take the...

Feng Shui for Fido

von Josanne Wayman

pet-friendly, stylish, living with dogs, in-door pets, happy pets

Tiger Lilly

von Sharon Vander Meer

Tiger Lilly is the story of widow Lilly Irish who takes in her niece, Annie, someone she hasn't seen in more than 15 years. Along with Annie come three children, and a dog of questionable breeding. From the...

Principles of Business Success

von Gino Yazdinian

The main difference between powerhouse business leaders and their mildly successful cousins is not intelligence or hard-work or even business savvy; the secret is all in the mindset and approach these men and...

Welcome Home: Insider Secrets to Buying or Selling Your Property -- A Canadian Guide

von Sarah Daniels

With so many differing opinions about real estate these days, buying or selling a home can seem like a daunting task, especially for the everyday person who has little or no real estate experience. But as author...

Black Bonanza: Canada's Oil Sands and the Race to Secure North America's Energy Future

von Alastair Sweeny

What if Canada 's so-called environmental nightmare was really an engineering triumph and the key to a stable and sustainable future?

For years, Canadians have been hearing nothing but bad news out of the Athabasca...

The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques: Third edition

von C. Roy Hunter

Crown House is pleased to announce the publication of the third edition of The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques by Roy Hunter. This updated third edition includes a new introduction by Conrad Adams...

The Really Useful Physical Education Book

von Gary Stidder & Sid Hayes

The Really Useful Physical Education Book is designed to provide practicing and trainee teachers in the primary school with the practical, engaging ideas you need to teach PE imaginatively.