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I'm Spiritual, Dammit!: How to Keep Your Feet on the Ground and Your Head in the Stars

von Jenniffer Weigel

Is it possible to be grounded AND have a rich interior life? Is it possible to get through the day with poise when everything hits the fan? Is it possible to have a spiritual life and not be a wing-nut? For...

Mission-shaped Questions: Defining Issues for Today's Church

von Steven Croft

Mission-Shaped Church launched a movement. Mission-Shaped Questions addresses the big theological and practical queries that movement unleashed, including: What exactly is church? Can we develop churches that...

Designated Fat Girl: A Memoir

von Jennifer Joyner

A brutally honest memoir of life as an obese woman—

the pain, humiliation . . . and hope



Jennifer Joyner was slowly killing herself with food. She didn’t know what to fear more: dying, or knowing that...


von Derek Bush

Boris the bad Russian discovers life with Mayla his prostitiute girlfriend, his unfulfilled revenge leads him to new heights of evil and he creates three dirty bombs and plays havoc on the the French people...

Divided We Fall

von Derek Bush

The three men continue their lives, a new bad man appears, out for revenge, he starts menacing the French President and kidnaps one of our heroes. Kevin's Russian girlfriend comes back, rich and with his baby,...

Fire and Fragrance

von Andy Byrd & Sean Feucht

I have come to cast fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled! (Luke 12:49 NASB)


Passionately devoted to revival and reformation, the authors vividly describe the perspective that God is...

The Daily Book of Photography: 365 Readings That Teach, Inspire & Entertain

von Simon Alexander & Grier Cooper

Designed for both the photography enthusiast and weekend warrior, this daily reader offers a broad look at life through the camera lens. From brief biographies of world-renowned photographers to techniques in...

Mission-shaped Parish: Traditional Church in a Changing World

von Tim Sledge

This is a practical how-to guide introducing new, mission-shaped practices in a traditional parish setting. This book looks at the church's bread-and-butter activities - worship, pastoral contacts, civic and...

The Third Term

von Darryl Nyznyk

January 27th, 1973: the United States, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, and the Viet Cong sign the Paris Peace Accords, guaranteeing the right of self-determination to the South Vietnamese people.April 30th, 1975:...

From the Sahara to Samarkand: Selected Travel Writings of Rosita Forbes 1919-1937

von Margaret Bald

The extraordinary Rosita Forbes explored the Libyan desert, sailed across the Red Sea, and trekked more than a thousand miles into remote Abyssinia. She wrote some thirty books about these and other journeys,...

The Daily Book of Classical Music: 365 Readings That Teach, Inspire & Entertain

von Leslie Chew & Dwight DeReiter

Music lovers of all ages are drawn to the pure melodies of classical music. Now aficionados of this timeless genre can learn something about classical music every day of the year! Readers will find everything...

Rag and Bone: A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery

von James R. Benn

Billy Boyle is sent to London to investigate the murder of a Soviet official. Was it random or revenge for the recently uncovered mass graves of Polish officers in the Katyn Forest? Scotland Yard suspects Billy's...

Mission-shaped Spirituality: The Transforming Power of Mission

von Susan Hope

Combining real-life case studies with vital lessons from her own personal journey, Susan Hope explores what happens to us on the inside when we cross boundaries and become missional Christians. This discerning...

Never Been to Me

von Gigi Gunn

Persephone "Persi" Sinclair has always lived a principled and disciplined life-with one exception. She's in love with a married man. She can't help herself; she's had a crush on Brad Shelton since high school....

Mr. High Maintenance

von Nishawnda Ellis

Meet Jerome, Lamant, and Marcus, three single men who share one thing in common: their high maintenance needs drive women away. Jerome Hart's ideal relationship is not to be in one. He enjoys his single life,...

Databases DeMYSTiFieD, 2nd Edition

von Andy Oppel

Learning DATABASE fundamentals just got a whole lot EASIER!

Now you can design, build, and manage a fully functional database with ease. Thoroughly updated to cover the latest technologies and techniques, Databases...

Soon After

von Sherryle Kiser Jackson

When Pastors Willie Green and Vanessa Morton got married and moved to merge their churches, they never expected so much resistance. Now it seems someone is sending a strong message by setting fire to the Harvest...

My Son's Ex-Wife: The Aftermath

von Shelia E. Lipsey

Envy Wilson, Layla Hobbs, and Kacie Mayweather are three 30-year-old friends who lean heavily on one another for support in troubled times. Layla fights the battle of obesity coupled with low self-esteem, but...

Starting from Zero with $0: Building Mission-Shaped Ministries on a Shoestring

von Becky Garrison

Churches everywhere are suffering from draconian funding cuts, so how do leaders with a heart for alternative ministries fund their passion and build communities that will last? Journalist and commentator Becky...

The Final Deadline: What Death Has Taught Me about Life

von Chris Glaser

Glaser writes movingly of the deaths that have shaped his soul, whether those deaths occurred through assassination, murder, suicide, accident, divorce, illness, or AIDS. A few deaths were especially transforming...