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Sports Injuries

von Leslie J Speight

In these days of intense competition in both amateur and professional athletics, there is an increasing number of injuries.

Homoeopathy and Acupressure do not supplant the normal manipulative therapy, but homoeopathic...

The Prompter

von Chris d'Lacey

There's no way hyperactive Robin can play a part in the school production of Peter Pan. Or is there? For Robin's amazing memory gets him the job of prompter - and eventually a starring role that leads to a hilarious...

One Tongue Singing

von Susan Mann

Camille Pascal, a young, unmarried French nurse comes to South Africa with her father and her small daughter, Zara, during the closing years of the apartheid regime. The family settles amongst a wine-growing...

Help Your Children Cope With Your Divorce

von Paula Hall

Children of all ages can be devastated by the news that their parents are splitting up. Even those who have been living in a highly conflictual situation are often shocked by their parents' final decision to...

Elite Forces

von R M Bennett

The invincible reputation of specialist military units such as the USA's Delta Force, Israel's IDP, and of course, Britian's SAS has grown steadily in recent years. Thanks to a number of successful campaigns...

The New Baby & Toddler Sleep Programme

von John Pearce

If your child isn't sleeping through the night, the chances are neither are you. But help is at hand from one of Britain's leading child psychiatrists.


The Baby And Toddler Sleep Programme

von Pearce ,john With Jane Bidder

Did you know that it is perfectly normal for a baby from 0-6 months to wake up every 20 minutes - often to cry? Do you worry about upsetting your 2 year-old, who refuses to go to sleep without another story?...

Believing In Faeries

von Marcia Zina Mager

Other books about faeries are just that - books about faeries, filled with myths and stories. This book is uniquely different. It is a modern day instruction manual directly from the mystical realm itself; a...

Big Bangs

von Howard Goodall

The dramatic story of five key turning points in a thousand years of Western music - discoveries that changed the course of history.

Who first invented 'Doh Re Mi...'?

What do we mean by "in tune"?

Looking back...

O Westport In The Light Of Asia Minor

von Paul Durcan

O Westport in the Light of Asia Minor was first published in a tiny edition in Dublin in 1975. It was Paul Durcan's first fully-fledged collection, and already displays an astonishingly mature, visionary power,...

Cries Of An Irish Caveman

von Paul Durcan

Cries of an Irish Caveman is Paul Durcan's most inspired and surprising collection of poems. Through four distinct sections, he brings his tender lyricism to bear on the themes of love, loss, life and death....


von Arthur Cotterell

One of the most far-reaching events since the Second World War is the re-emergence of China as a world power, and its present government's willingness to open up the country to the rest of the world.

This comprehensive...

Terry Wogan - Is it me?

von Terry Wogan

Terry Wogan is one of Britains best-loved radio and television celebrities witty, charming and relaxed and has undoubtedly captured the nations heart. Here, Terry tells his life story from his beginnings as...

Perfect Negotiation

von Gavin Kennedy

The ability to negotiate effectively is a vital skill for business and for everyday life. Whether you want to negotiate a business deal, a pay rise – or the price of a new house or car, Perfect Negotiation...

Perfect Customer Care

von Ted Johns

Perfect Customer Care provides companies big and small with the answers to some of the most important business questions facing us today. Customers don't come back with those valuable repeat orders unless you...

Excess Baggage

von Judy Astley

A Proper Family Holiday was the last thing Lucy was expecting to have. But as a penniless and partnerless house-painter with an expired lease on her flat and a twelve-year-old daughter, she could hardly turn...

James Toseland

von James Toseland & Ted Macauley

At 23, James Toseland was the youngest ever winner of the World Superbike Championship and with more racing experience than riders twice his age, has overtaken previous champions Carl Fogarty and Neil Hodgson...

The Protestant Revolution

von William G. Naphy

When Martin Luther nailed 95 criticisms of the Catholic Church to the door of his local church in 1517 he sparked not just a religious Reformation, but an unending cycle of political, social and economic change...

The Path of the She-Wolf

von Theresa Tomlinson

In this third and final part of the powerful Forestwife saga the already dramatic and dangerous times of medieval court have intensified. King John has been forced to sign the Magna Carta. He reneges after signing...

Earth Medicine

von Kenneth Meadows

Native Americans had a close affinity with the earth and an understanding of the natural forces which shaped their environment.

They recognised that not only were our physical bodies composed of the elements...