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How to Seduce Hot Women Online: …and Get Banned from a Dating Website in Less than 2 Weeks

von Kent Lamarc

I’ve been banned more than 5 times, nearly always in less than 2 weeks, and for one reason only – I was picking all the women I wanted from many online platforms. Most of these websites were not for dating,...

How to Meet & Fxxx Different & Hot Asian Women: ...Every Single Day Until Your Balls Hurt

von Kent Lamarc

I have to start this book by saying that I’ve wrote many others on Asian women that have been very successful and generated me a bunch of income, even though not as much as they should, as there are many famous...

How to magically make a lot of money: How to Apply the Spiritual Laws of Wealth, Abundance and Prosperity to Become Financially Independent and Successful

von Robin Sacredfire

How rich would you like to be? Can you clearly say how much money you would like to see in your bank account? Can you describe what kind of objects you would like to possess? And, more importantly, what would...

How to Get Laid in China: …even if you don’t understand anything about women

von Kent Lamarc

Upon arriving in China, you soon realize that there are plenty of good choices available, much more than you could predict. There are plenty of beautiful women everywhere. Nonetheless, what you do and how, may...

How to Get a Billion Dollar Idea

von Robin Sacredfire

Every day, hundreds of people around the world are making money out of simple ideas while nearly 7 billion desperate and struggle over money. Have you ever wondered how can these individuals start an entire...

How to Fight Like a Spy: Strategies that you won’t find in any gym

von Bryan Keyleader

Movies have popularized some of the most famous martial arts in modern days, but are they really related to real life survival when it comes to espionage? A spy must fight for survival in the quickest way he...

How to Control Your Mind: Learning to Defeat Your Demons and Overcome Your Thoughts

von Robin Sacredfire

“Another me jumped to my brain when I was listening to him, ‘no, you cannot. Other people can because they are strong but you are weak’. I can even feel the weakness and nearly cry in front of people....

How to Choose a Wife: …and 8 facts that would make your father sick if he knew

von Kent Lamarc

So many men fall into the traps of smart but wicked women that more books like this should be written. Most only realize their mistake long after they are married, when it’s too late and only a divorce is...

How to be a woman: Understanding Men and Succeeding in a Relationship

von Daniel Marques

Modern society evolves and so do women. Nevertheless, like with any other natural selection, we can clearly notice that while some are succeeding, a vast majority is feeling like they are heading for extinction....

How to Be Awesome: How to Live Life to the Fullest and Be Successful in Everything You Do

von Robin Sacredfire

Most people have no idea about what they should be doing in life, what kind of life purpose they should be following and, much less, their inner and undiscovered talents and qualities. The potential to be famous...

How to be a Lion: …and get all the hot females in the entire jungle

von Kent Lamarc

The knowledge presented in this book has been requested several times but only now shown due to the implications that it may have. The techniques described here were developed through years of study on the basic...

How to Bang like a Werewolf: …and make them scream your name

von Kent Lamarc

Did you know that, according to pornstar Shawna, 99% of men are bad in bed? Or that, according to the National Health and Social Life Survey, while 75% of men always reach orgasm during sex, only 29% of women...

How I Wrote, Published and Promoted 100 Books: in as fast as 5 years with 15 simple principles and without having to sell my soul to the devil

von Daniel Marques

After I published “How to Write, Publish & Promote Your Own Book In As Fast As 3 Hours With 10 Simple Steps” and “Creative Souls” I thought that readers, and especially writers, would appreciate my gifts...

Give Me Money: How I got rich and you can be too by following the knights templar legacy

von Robin Sacredfire

This is probably one of the most powerful books you will ever read, far beyond what the law of attraction and many other secrets about karmic structures and energetic frequencies can unveil to you. Within this...

Vestiges of the Mayas

von Augustus Le Plongeon

That the people who inhabited the country at the time of the Spanish conquest had a multiplicity of gods there can be no doubt. The primitive form of worship, with time and by the effect of invasions from outside,...

The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin

von Maurice Leblanc

It was a strange ending to a voyage that had commenced in a most auspicious manner. The transatlantic steamship `La Provence' was a swift and comfortable vessel, under the command of a most affable man. The...

For Lazy Teachers Only: 30 Ideas to Prepare a Class in Less than 5 Minutes

von Daniel Marques

Every teacher has his moments in which he or she feels exhausted, incapable of coping with the previous ability to persist with hard work in preparing classes, or, simply putting it, lazy. Laziness isn’t necessarily...

Female Logic: Understanding Why He Might Be Just That Into You and Why Men Aren’t from Mars or Women from Venus

von Daniel Marques

Most of the things in which modern women believe regarding relationships and love is conditioned by movies, literature and social values in general. And, apart from any judgment that we could make about this...

Fairy Tales from Ancient Times

von Daniel Marques

This book gathers several fairytales about love, faith, courage and morality. It’s based in ancient scenarios and inspired in Celtic Mythology, while relating to daily life situations of modern times. These...

Feel and Grow Rich: The 4 Elements of Success

von Daniel Marques

There are four basic elements operating in every action related to success, power and money. These elements are also the crucial ingredients within the law of attraction, behind its application and justifying...