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Performance-Based Certification: How to Design a Valid, Defensible, Cost-Effective Program

von Judith Hale

Are your employees qualified?

Looking for qualified people to do competent work? How do you ensure that the people you hire can do the job right? An ever-increasing number of organizations are asking the same...

Commodity Trader's Almanac 2012: For Active Traders of Futures, Forex, Stocks and ETFs

von Jeffrey A. Hirsch & John L. Person

An indispensable resource for today's active commodity, currency, futures, and ETF trader

In the 2012 Edition of the Commodity Trader's Almanac, Jeffrey Hirsch once again teams up with veteran trader John Person...

The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook: A Comprehensive Toolkit for Leading with Trust

von Charles H. Green & Andrea P. Howe

A practical guide to being a trusted advisor for leaders in any industry

In this hands-on successor to the popular book The Trusted Advisor, you'll find answers to pervasive questions about trust and leadership—such...

The ETF Book: All You Need to Know About Exchange-Traded Funds

von Richard A. Ferri

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are revolutionizing the investment industry. From their introduction in 1993, ETFs have expanded exponentially over the past fifteen years. You, as an informed investor, need to...

Out of the Red: Investment and Capitalism in Russia

von John T. Connor & Lawrence P. Milford

Over the last fifteen years, Russia has become a larger part of the global economy—and in the years ahead, it will continue to grow in prominence. If you want to improve your investment endeavors in this market,...

The Trustworthy Leader: Leveraging the Power of Trust to Transform Your Organization

von Amy Lyman

How leaders from the best workplaces build trust in their organizations

The Trustworthy Leader reveals the benefits organizations enjoy when trustworthy behavior is practiced consistently by their leaders. Drawing...

Preparing for Development: Making the Most of Formal Leadership Programs

von John Wiley, Jennifer W. Martineau & Ellie Johnson

Managers attend leadership development programs for any number of reasons. Sometimes an organization will nominate a specific manager for a program, or send all high-potential managers through a series of development...

Becoming a More Versatile Learner

von John Wiley & Maxine A. Dalton

Almost all managers regard job experiences and the lessons they provide essential for their development as leaders. But not all of those managers are successful at learning those lessons. That difficulty is...

Creating a Vision

von John Wiley, Corey Criswell & Talula Cartwright

If you want to be an effective leader--at any level--you should pay attention to vision. Leaders who communicate a strong vision are seen by their bosses and coworkers as more effective in several important...

Global Software and It: A Guide to Distributed Development, Projects, and Outsourcing

von Christof Ebert

Based on the author’s first-hand experience and expertise, this book offers a proven framework for global software engineering. Readers will learn best practices for managing a variety of software projects,...

BIM for Building Owners and Developers: Making a Business Case for Using BIM on Projects

von K. Pramod Reddy

Use BIM to develop strategies, expedite projects, improve outcomes, and save money.

BIM is far more than an "upgrade" to the latest CAD software. It is a process improvement tool that leverages data to analyze...

The Vega Factor: Oil Volatility and the Next Global Crisis

von Kent Moors

How oil volatility is affecting the global political scene, and where the oil market is heading

The world is rapidly moving towards an oil environment defined by volatility. The Vega Factor: Oil Volatility and...

Getting Started in Value Investing

von Charles S. Mizrahi

An accessible introduction to the proven method of value investing

An ardent follower of Warren Buffett-the most high-profile value investor today-author Charles Mizrahi has long believed in the power of this...

The Lean Six SIGMA Pocket Toolbook: A Quick Reference Guide to 70 Tools for Improving Quality and Speed: A Quick Reference Guide to 70 Tools for Impro

von Michael L. George & John Maxey


Bestselling Lean Six Sigma author Michael George provides the first pocket guide for deployers of Lean Six Sigma

The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook blends Lean and Six Sigma tools and...

Mondo Agnelli: Fiat, Chrysler, and the Power of a Dynasty

von Jennifer Clark

The fascinating story of a century-old automobile dynasty

Fiat is one of the world's largest automakers,  but when it made headlines by grabbing control of a bankrupt Chrysler in 2009 it was unknown in the U.S....

The Best Service Is No Service: How to Liberate Your Customers from Customer Service, Keep Them Happy, and Control Costs

von Bill Price & David Jaffe

In this groundbreaking book, Bill Price and David Jaffe offer a new, game-changing approach, showing how managers are taking the wrong path and are using the wrong metrics to measure customer service. Customer...

The Great Life Redesign: Change How You Work, Live How You Dream and Make It Happen ... Today

von Caroline Cameron

Never before have Australians worked so hard yet felt so unhappy. With anxiety rising at unprecedented levels, now is the time to stop and consider whether there could be another way to live. We renovate our...

When Money Is Not Enough: Fulfillment in Work

von M.S. Eileen R. Hannegan

When personality clashes and ego battles predominate the workplace, no amount of money in the world is enough to justify continued employment. In an age when Americans spend more than half their waking hours...

Becoming a Successful Manager, Second Edition

von J. Robert Parkinson & Gary Grossman

This comprehensive yet inviting-to-read guide has been completely updated to cover today's most critical management topics--from company culture to new technologies.

About the Book

Becoming a Successful Manager...

The Warren Buffett Stock Portfolio: Warren Buffett Stock Picks: Why and When He Is Investing in Them

von Mary Buffett & David Clark

Bestselling authors Mary Buffett and David Clark examine seventeen companies that Warren Buffett has bought for himself and for his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, as durable investments and explain why...