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The 250 Personal Finance Questions You Should Ask in Your 20s and 30s

von Debby Fowles

Personal finance problems like college loans, credit card debt, and badly planned "budgets" have helped identify young adults these days as "Generation Debt." Written in an easy-to-read, accessible Q&A format,...

Investing In Nanotechnology

von Jack Uldrich

Although nanotechnology deals with the very small--the art and science of manipulating and rearranging individual molecules to create useful materials, devices, and systems--its impact on business will be very...

Adams Cover Letter Almanac

von Richard Wallace

The Adams Cover Letter Almanac, Second Edition is the most comprehensive guide available for creating an attention-getting cover letter. This easy-to-use volume is packed with sample cover letters that can be...

Get Them On Your Side

von Samuel B. Bacharach

Politics is an inevitable, legitimate, and even beneficial aspect of corporate and organizational life. Hard work and good ideas are not enough to ensure success-your ability to win allies and head off resistance...

Keep Them On Your Side

von Samuel B. Bacharach

Many leaders spend time getting people on their side-only to drop the ball by failing to keep them on their side. The key to long-term success in any organization is maintaining momentum for ideas and initiatives....

Play Your Best Hand: How to Manage the Four Types of Knowledge Workers--And Stack the Odds for Maximum Success

von Faith Ralston

The number of knowledge workers has doubled in the last decade. Unlike yesterday's workers their value is not measured in hours logged, but in how much quality and innovation they create for your organization....

Talent IQ: Identify Your Company's Top Performers, Improve or Remove Underachievers, Boost Productivity and Profit

von Emmett C. Murphy

Talent is a company's most valuable resource. Today, more than ever, the fate of your organization depends on your ability to recruit, retain, and, when necessary, replace talent. By the same token, talent management...

Killer Brands: Create and Market a Brand That Will Annihilate the Competition

von Frank Lane

In Killer Brands, marketing guru Frank Lane reveals his recognized three-step method to unlocking the marketplace and creating brands that annihilate the competition. His secrets?

  • FOCUS: how to find the one...

Streetwise Incorporating Your Business: From Legal Issues to Tax Concerns, All You Need to Establish and Protect Your Business

von Michele Cagan

Incorporating your business can provide numerous legal and financial advantages-it also has long-term ramifications on how you manage and structure your organization. Streetwise Incorporating Your Business will...

Creating We

von Judith E. Glaser

Creating WE, by visionary executive coach Judith E. Glaser, goes to the root of the problem in organizations today, illuminating how "I-centric" work environments cause "unhealthy thinking" to form and doom...

The Resume Handbook: How to Write Outstanding Resumes and Cover Letters for Every Situation

von Arthur D Rosenberg

Only 1 interview is granted for every 250 resumes received-with The Resume Handbook, you can make sure yours is the one on top!

Your resume has one purpose: to obtain an interview. In order to create an interview-winning...

The 250 Retirement Questions Everyone Should Ask

von David Rye

Plan well, and you will truly enjoy retirement. Plan poorly, and you could suffer a financial disaster.

The 250 Retirement Questions Everyone Should Ask makes sure your retirement is enjoyable and worry-free....

Reworking Retirement: A Practical Guide for Seniors Returning to Work

von Allyn I Freeman

Now that you're retired, you finally have the chance to do a job you want to do-rather than one you have to do. Whether you are looking to earn a supplemental income or keep busy during your golden years with...

365 Ways to Live Cheap

von Trent Hamm

Use cold water for most clothes washing and save up to $63 a year. Minimize your carload and reduce your gas mileage by as much as 5 percent. Invest in a deep freezer and fill it up with meat discounted at 30...

Green Your Work

von Kim Carlson

Today, many companies are flourishing by delivering high-quality products while pursuing policies that leave the world a cleaner, better place. Those policies can help retain customers, energize employees, and...

The Real Estate Investor's Tax Strategy Guide

von Tammy H Kraemer

What's Section 1031? How does it help property investment? Who qualifies for its benefits? These are the answers serious real estate investors must know--and are the kind of issues tackled in this one-stop resource....

How to Buy Foreclosed Real Estate

von Theodore J Dallow

As foreclosures increase, so do the odds of finding the home of your dreams!

You can ride out the storm in the housing market and find great real estate at amazing values. Whether you're looking for a new home...

The Quick-and-Easy Web Site

von Paula Peters

Forget the complicated instructions and baffling techspeak found in other guides, The Quick-and-Easy Web Site gives you straightforward instruction on how to build a Web page that really delivers. It's simple....

Save Smart, Earn More

von Dennis Blitz

"Blitz writes in a conversational style that even a novice investor can understand. Believe me, his ideas and strategies will set you on the road to becoming a millionaire!"

-John Slatter, CFA, author of The...

The Happy Employee

von Julia McGovern

Reduced workforces, hiring freezes, productivity pressures--it's clear that now, more than ever, every employee counts. With 101 practical, easy-to-implement tips, The Happy Employee will help you identify and...