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Outsmarting the Scam Artists: How to Protect Yourself from the Most Clever Cons

von D. Shadel

A practical guide to avoiding the most common scams, from a fraud-fighting expert

U.S. consumers lose billions of dollars each year to scam artists—and the next victim could be you. While anyone can be targeted,...

Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management

von Michael B. Miller

Mathematics and Statistics for Financial Risk Management is a practical guide to modern financial risk management for both practitioners and academics.

The recent financial crisis and its impact on the broader...

Social TV: How Marketers Can Reach and Engage Audiences by Connecting Television to the Web, Social Media, and Mobile

von Mike Proulx & Stacey Shepatin

The Internet didn’t kill TV! It has become its best friend. Americans are watching more television than ever before, and we’re engaging online at the same time we’re tuning in. Social media has created...

Naked Forex: High-Probability Techniques for Trading Without Indicators

von Alex Nekritin & Walter , Ph.D. Peters

A streamlined and highly effective approach to trading without indicators

Most forex traders rely on technical analysis books written for stock, futures, and option traders. However, long before computers and...

Smart Stewardship for Nonprofits: Making the Right Decision in Good Times and Bad

von Peter C. Brinckerhoff

A practical guide to effective decision-making frameworks and tools for nonprofits that ensure successful stewardship

The basic tenets of decision making for nonprofits are similar, whether you're growing, shrinking,...

A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members

von Julia I. Walker

Everything you need to know as a nonprofit board member to raise more money and help your organization succeed in meeting its goals

Engaging and informative, this practical guide to fundraising contains valuable...

Selling All-In-One for Dummies

von John Wiley

Tried-and-true information and tips for selling like a pro

Are you looking to enter the world of sales, or are you already a salesperson who's looking for new tips and tactics to expand your business? Whether...

Make Up Your Mind: A Decision Making Guide to Thinking Clearly and Choosing Wisely

von Hal Mooz & Jeff Henley

A proven decision-making system guides readers to the right choice every time

Make Up Your Mind provides author Hal Mooz’s proprietary system for decision making. This approach consists of three decision-making...

Investing in the Renewable Power Market: How to Profit from Energy Transformation

von Tom Fogarty & Robert Lamb

The financial challenges facing clean energy installations

The path to the widespread adoption of renewable energy is littered with major technological legal, political, and financial challenges. Investing in...

Choice Not Chance: Rules for Building a Fierce Competitor

von Rob Rains, Joanne McCallie & Mike Krzyzewski

Foreword by Mike Krzyzewski, Duke’s Men Basketball Coach

A celebrated coach reveals the secrets to building a fierce competitor

At age 26, Joanne P. McCallie, a.k.a. Coach P, began her career at Maine, where...

Developing Talent for Organizational Results: Training Tools from the Best in the Field

von Elaine Biech

Praise for Developing Talentfor Organizational Results

"Elaine Biech brings together some of the 'royalty' of American corporations and asks them to share their wisdom in increasing organizational effectiveness....

What Matters Now: How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition, and Unstoppable Innovation

von Gary Hamel

This is not a book about one thing. It's not a 250-page dissertation on leadership, teams or motivation. Instead, it's an agenda for building organizations that can flourish in a world of diminished hopes, relentless...

All Business Is Local: Why Place Matters More Than Ever in a Global, Virtual World

von John Quelch & Katherine Jocz

Why businesses should never underestimate the power of place.

Today's business leaders are so obsessed with all things global and virtual that they risk neglecting the critical impact of physical place. It's...

Mrs. Moneypenny's Career Advice for Ambitious Women

von Mrs. Moneypenny & Heather McGregor

Mrs. Moneypenny—star Financial Times columnist, TV personality, wife, mother, and owner of a successful small business—is worried about women. She understands that although women can’t have it all, they’re...

Shine: How to Survive and Thrive at Work

von Chris Barez-Brown

We all have good days and bad days at work. Some days you feel bullet-proof. People listen to you, your meetings run like clockwork, and you keep having new ideas. Other days are like wading through quicksand....

Best! - No Need to Be Cheap If You Are...

von Mike Hohnen

Inspired by the principles developed in the "Service Profit Chain", Mike Hohnen takes you through each of the steps needed to create an outstanding service business.

We live in a world of abundance – there...

Common Sense Methods to Inexpensively Get Started In Trading the Financial Markets

von Dave Walters

A concise and to the point manual full of advice on how to get started trading the financial markets-from a trader who retired at the age of 32. No unrealistic promises,no guarantees of success,no telling you...

Uprising: How to Build a Brand--and Change the World--By Sparking Cultural Movements

von Scott Goodson

The secret to movement marketing?

Your customers want to make a difference

"Scott Goodson and his StrawberryFrog colleagues have found the secret to plugging into Purpose with a capital P: find out what moves...

Different: Escaping the Competitive Herd

von Youngme Moon

Why trying to be the best … competing like crazy … makes you mediocre

Every few years a book—through a combination of the author’s unique voice, storytelling ability, wit, and insight—simply breaks...

Unlock Behavior, Unleash Profits: Developing Leadership Behavior That Drives Profitability in Your Organization

von Leslie Wilk Braksick

This book gives away tools and methods used by the largest behaviorally based management consulting firm in the world-CLG ( It is filled with client stories, case studies, testimonials, and-most...