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Debt Relief and Beyond

von Carlos A. Primo Braga & Dörte Dömeland

The history of debt relief goes back several decades. It reveals that a country's accumulation of unsustainable debt stems from such factors as deficiencies in macroeconomic management, adverse terms-of-trade...

Carbon Footprints and Food Systems

von Paul Brenton & Gareth Edwards-Jones

This report addresses carbon labeling schemes, a high-profile issue and one that has important economic implications for developing countries. Carbon accounting and labeling instruments are designed to present...

Skills for the Labor Market in Indonesia

von Emanuela di Gropello & Aurelien Kruse

In Indonesia, the past two decades have been a time of great progress but also massive transformations and abrupt setbacks. In this context, this book reviews the main characteristics of - and trends in - demand...

Migration and Poverty

von Edmundo Murrugarra & Jennica Larrison

This volume uses recent research from the World Bank to document and analyze the bidirectional relationship between poverty and migration in developing countries. The case studies chapters compiled in this book...

The Cost of Being Landlocked

von Jean-Francois Arvis & Gaël Raballand

'The Cost of Being Landlocked' proposes a new analytical framework to interpret and model the constraints faced by logistics chains on international trade corridors. The plight of landlocked developing countries...

Investing in Young Children

von Sophie Naudeau & Naoko Kataoka

The World Bank created this Early Child Development (ECD) Guide in response to a growing demand from Task Team Leaders (TTLs) for advice and support to facilitate the policy dialogue on the topic of ECD and...

Local and Community Driven Development

von Hans P. Binswanger-Mkhize & Jacomina P. de Regt

'Local and Community Driven Development: Moving to Scale in Theory and Practice' provides development practitioners with the historical background and the tools required to successfully scale up local and community...

Bioenergy Development

von Elizabeth Cushion & Adrian Whiteman

Bioenergy has been critically important since our ancestors first used wood to cook their food and stay warm at night. Traditional forms of bioenergy, firewood and cow dung patties, remain primary fuel sources...

Global Value Chains in a Postcrisis World

von Olivier Cattaneo & Gary Gereffi

For the first time since World War II, global output will drop (-1.7%); per capita income will fall in more than 50 developing countries; net private capital flows will likely turn negative - a more than $700...

New Policies for Mandatory Defined Contribution Pensions

von Gregorio Impavido & Esperanza Lasagabaster

Mandatory defined contribution pension markets are present in a growing number of countries around the world. But despite their popularity, policymakers continue to struggle with two key policy concerns. On...

Turmoil at Twenty

von Pradeep K. Mitra & Marcelo Selowski

The transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, among all emerging- and developing-economy regions, have been hardest hit by the global economic crisis of 2008-09. This is...

Doing A Dam Better

von IanC. Porter & Jayasankar Shivakumar

In the wake of an acrimonious debate on big dams, the World Bank brokered a global agreement on financing as well as on the sharing of the rewards and risks of the controversial Nam Theun 2 hydroelectric project...

Reforming Agricultural Trade for Developing Countries

von Alex F. McCalla & John D. Nash

In the ongoing Doha Development Round of World Trade Organization negotiations, developing countries have had much greater leverage, due at least in part to their large and growing share of world trade. But...

Services Trade and Development

von Aaditya Mattoo & Lucy Payton

Some see trade in services as irrelevant to the development agenda for least developed countries (LDCs). Others see few benefits from past market openings by LDCs. This book debunks both views. It finds that...

Rising Global Interest in Farmland

von Klaus Deininger & Derek Byerlee

This book aims to provide key pieces of information needed for informed debate about large-scale land acquisition by drawing on the experience from past land expansions, discussing predictions for potential...

Measuring Inequality of Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean

von Francisco H. G. Ferreira & Jose R Molinas Vega

Equality of opportunity is about leveling the playing field so that circumstances such as gender, ethnicity, place of birth, or family background do not influence a person's life chances. Success in life should...

Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics 2008, Global

von Justin Yifu Lin & Boris Pleskovic

This book presents selected papers from the ABCDE Meetings, held May 17 -18, 2007 in Bled, Slovenia. Hosted by the World Bank and the Government of Slovenia, more than 400 experts from countries around the world...

From Farm to Firm

von Nora Dudwick & Katy Hull

The process of rural-urban transformation presents both opportunities and challenges for development. If managed effectively, it can result in growth that benefits everyone; if managed poorly, it can lead to...

Managing Risk and Creating Value with Microfinance

von Mike Goldberg & Eric Palladini

'Managing Risk and Creating Value with Microfinance' brings together the latest information on microfinance institutional sustainability from leading international experts and microfinance practitioners in four...

Demanding Good Governance

von Mary McNeil & Carmen Malena

Accountability is the cornerstone of good governance. Unless public officials can be held to account, then critical benefits associated with good governance, such as social justice, poverty reduction and development...