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The Emotional Intelligence Quick Book: Everything You Need to Know to Put Your EQ to Work

von Dr. Jean Greaves, Dr. Travis Bradberry & Patrick M. Lencioni


In today's fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and chaotic personal lives, each of us is searching for effective...

The Impulse Factor: Why Some of Us Play It Safe and Others Risk It All

von Nick Tasler

In his work as research and development director at cutting-edge think tank TalentSmart, where he helps businesses work better and employees think smarter, Nick Tasler realized that the recent discovery by scientists...

Negotiating in the Real World: Getting the Deal You Want

von Victor Gotbaum

"Negotiating is a face-to-face human drama that can be as genteel as croquet or as brutal as a prizefight," observes Victor Gotbaum. He should know -- no one has mastered this drama better than Gotbaum himself,...

Delivering Quality Service

von Valarie A. Zeithaml

Excellence in customer service is the hallmark of success in service industries and among manufacturers of products that require reliable service. But what exactly is excellent service? It is the ability to...

Investing in Renewable Energy: Making Money on Green Chip Stocks

von Jeff Siegel & Chris Nelder

Investing in Renewable Energy puts the depletion of finite resources such as oil, natural gas, and coal in perspective, and discusses how renewable energy solutions–from solar and wind to geothermal and biofuels–will...

The Market Driven Organization: Understanding, Attracting, and Keeping Valuable Customers

von George S Day

For forty years managers have been exhorted to "stay close to the customer and ahead of the competition." And with good reason Research now shows that market driven organizations outperform their rivals. Given...

Brand Leadership: Building Assets In an Information Economy

von David A. Aaker & Erich Joachimsthaler

Recognized by Brandweek as "the dean of the brand-equity movement," David Aaker now prepares managers for the next level of the brand revolution—brand leadership.

For the first time, Aaker and coauthor Erich...

Rich is a Religion: Breaking the Timeless Code to Wealth

von Mark Stevens

If you're stressed about your financial future, stuck at a job that you hate, or feel trapped by your income, Rich Is a Religion is a road map that will help you transform your life. By showing you the mindset...

The Working Leader: The Triumph of High Performance Over Conventional Management Principles

von Leonard R. Sayles & Henry Mintzberg

The goal: To be a leader who has an agenda, knows the system inside out, is comfortable with fluidity, and recognizes that the parts do not always fit into an integrated whole.

Schooled to oversee fixed, almost...

Paper Trail: Common Sense in Uncommon Times

von Ellen Goodman

In this rich and savvy collection of commentaries on the events, people and issues that shape and define our world, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and New York Times bestselling author Ellen Goodman cuts to...

Learning From the Links: Mastering Management Using Lessons from Golf

von David K. Hurst

For the first time, a seasoned business executive and avid golfer combines these two passions to explore what makes for top performance in each field. Management consultant David K. Hurst explores compelling...

Build Your Own Garage: Blueprints and Tools to Unleash Your Company's Hidden Creativity

von Bernd H. Schmitt & Laura Brown

Is your company all bizz -- filled with professional managers, accountants, and financial planners who produce "smooth operations" but offer no customer savvy or soul? Or is it all buzz -- filled with talk,...

The Trophy Kids Grow Up: How the Millennial Generation is Shaking Up the Workplace

von Ron Alsop

The first wave of the Millennial Generation—born between 1980 and 2001—is entering the work force, and employers are facing some of the biggest management challenges they’ve ever encountered. They are...

Trust: Human Nature and the Reconstitution of Social Order

von Francis Fukuyama

In his bestselling The End of History and the Last Man, Francis Fukuyama argued that the end of the Cold War would also mean the beginning of a struggle for position in the rapidly emerging order of 21st-century...

Marketing Services: Competing Through Quality

von Leonard L. Berry

Excellent service is the foundation for services marketing, contend Leonard Berry and A. Parasuraman in this companion volume to Delivering Quality Service. Building on eight years of research, the authors develop...

Conquering Chaos at Work: Strategies for Managing Disorganization and the People Who Cause It

von Harriet Schechter

Are you a Mess Maven suffering from Paperosis Misplacea? Do you work with a Deadline Deadbeat or have Phone-o-phobic clients? Have you ever felt overwhelmed or overloaded?

For anyone struggling with too many...

Be Your Own Sales Manager: Strategies And Tactics For Managing Your Accounts, Your Territory, And Yourself

von Tony Alessandra, Jim Cathcart & John Monoky

Be Your Own Sales Manager puts the most up-to-date management techniques at your fingertips, offering smart strategies designed to give you a competitive edge.

In today's fast-moving, fiercely competitive markets,...

The End of Prosperity: How Higher Taxes Will Doom the Economy--If We Let It Happen

von Arthur B. Laffer, Stephen Moore & Peter Tanous

Arthur Laffer -- the father of supply-side economics and a member of President Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board -- joins economist Stephen Moore of The Wall Street Journal editorial board and investment...

How To Work With Just About Anyone: A 3-Step Solution For Getting Difficult People To Change

von Lucy Gill


Every office has them: the ever-complaining colleague...the co-worker who is constantly late for meetings...the boss who either blows up at you or blows you...

The Fearful Rise of Markets: Global Bubbles, Synchronized Meltdowns, and How To Prevent Them in the Future,

von John Authers

Are we barreling toward another massive global financial catastrophe?


How can so many bubbles form all at once? Why are so many “disconnected” markets now capable of collapsing in unison? In this remarkably...