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Red Alert: How China's Growing Prosperity Threatens the American Way of Life

von Stephen Leeb & Gregory Dorsey

"I would caution readers to dismiss Stephen Leeb's warnings only at their peril."

-Thomas Kaplan, chairman, Tigris Financial Group

The American Dream is close to being replaced by a living nightmare:

  • Key commodities...

DarkMarket: How Hackers Became the New Mafia

von Misha Glenny

"This extraordinarily powerful book demonstrates how utterly we lack the shared supranational tools needed to fight cybercrime. Essential reading." --Roberto Saviano, author of Gommorah

The benefits of living...

Startup Asia: Top Strategies for Cashing in on Asia's Innovation Boom

von Rebecca A. Fannin

Find out where the new innovation hot spots are, what the next consumer waves will be, and where to catch them

Asia's innovation hot spots are fast emerging as first-choice destinations for bright, young entrepreneurs....

The 3rd Alternative: Solving Life's Most Difficult Problems

von Stephen R. Covey

From the multimillion-copy bestselling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People—hailed as the #1 Most Influential Business Book of the Twentieth Century—The 3rd Alternative introduces a breakthrough...

Practical Genius: A 5-Step Plan to Turn Your Talent and Passion into Success (Identify, Express, Surround, Sustain, Market Your Genius)

von Gina A Rudan & Kevin Carroll


Most people consider genius to be a gift, a “lightning bolt from the gods” that strikes people like Einstein or Mozart, but not the rest of us. They see it as a quality—like creativity—that...

The Weekend That Changed Wall Street: And How the Fallout Is Still Impacting Our World

von Maria Bartiromo & Catherine Whitney

A first-person account of the white-knuckle weekend that brought the financial world to its knees, from one of America's most famous business reporters.

As bankers and government officials scrambled to keep...

Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women

von Michael Gross

The definitive story of the international modeling business—and its evil twin, legalized flesh peddling—Model is a tale of beautiful women empowered and subjugated; of vast sums of money; of sex and drugs,...

Credit Derivatives Handbook: Global Perspectives, Innovations, and Market Drivers

von Greg N. Gregoriou & Paul U. Ali

The world's leading financial thinkers share their insights into the latest developments in credit derivatives

In The Credit Derivatives Handbook, some of the world's sharpest financial and legal minds come...

Teamwork Is an Individual Skill: Getting Your Work Done When Sharing Responsibility

von Christopher M. Avery, Meri A. Walker & Erin O. Murphy

Knowing how to work effectively in and through groups may be the single most important skill anyone can develop in today's collaborative, team-based workplace. Unfortunately, all of the resources available on...


von Boye De Mente

"A unique look at a unique culture. If you're trying to figure the Japanese out, this book provides another important piece of the puzzle." —Terrie Lloyd, CEO, LINC Media, Tokyo

Kana — Unlock the key to dealing...

Suze Orman's Action Plan: New Rules for New Times

von Suze Orman

Times have changed and the rules have changed, but financial security is still the goal. Do you know how to get there?


There is a new reality out there—a new normal. What was once certain—that you would...

JK Lasser's New Rules for Estate and Tax Planning

von Stewart H. , III Welch, Harold I. Apolinsky & Craig Stephens

A complete guide to planning an estate under today's tax rules

When it comes to an estate (no matter how big or small it may be) nothing should be left to chance. Proper planning is necessary to protect both...

Implementing the Wealth Management Index: Tools to Build Your Practice and Measure Client Success

von Ross Levin

The gold standard for measuring financial progress, updated for today's market

From Ross Levin, a trusted financial planner, comes Implementing the Wealth Management Index. The new edition of the book Investment...

Adaptability: Responding Effectively to Change

von John Wiley & Sons, Joan Gurvis & Allan Calarco

In today’s business world, the complexity and pace of change can be daunting. Adaptability has become recognized as a necessary skill for leaders to develop to be effective in this environment. Even so, leaders...

Developing Cultural Adaptability: How to Work Across Differences

von John Wiley & Sons, Jennifer J. Deal & Don W. Prince

Thinking about cultural differences around the world isn’t just an intellectual exercise for managers working in an increasingly global environment. Being able to communicate effectively across cultural differences,...

Do You Really Need a Team

von John Wiley & Sons, Michael E. Kossler & Kim Kanaga

Despite all of the attention and accolades that organizations place on teams, they are not always the most efficient way to meet a business challenge. It’s expensive and time consuming to launch a team, and...

Running a Restaurant For Dummies

von Michael Garvey, Andrew G. Dismore & Heather H. Dismore

The easy way to successfully run a profitable restaurant

Millions of Americans dream of owning and running their own restaurant — because they want to be their own boss, because their cooking always draws raves,...

Pension Finance: Putting the Risks and Costs of Defined Benefit Plans Back Under Your Control

von M. Barton Waring & Robert C. Merton


"Pension Finance is a comprehensive, integrated, and self-contained offering on the structure, management, and oversight of defined benefit pension plans, carefully composed by a prime...

Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment: Analyzing Assets, Earnings, Cash Flow, Stock Price, Governance, and Special Situations

von Robert A. G. Monks & Alexandra Reed Lajoux

Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment

"The valuation of securities . . . is as big a subject as they come, running in multi?-dimensions from qualitative to psychological, from static todynamic, from one...

Financial Risk Management: Models, History, and Institutions

von Allan M. Malz

Financial risk has become a focus of financial and nonfinancial firms, individuals, and policy makers. But the study of risk remains a relatively new discipline in finance and continues to be refined. The financial...