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Succession Planning for Family Businesses

von Michael A. Lobraico, Jonathan Isaacs & Mitchell Singer

"That Succession Planning for Family Businesses is a collaborative effort by three authors with vastly different types of family business experience and areas of technical savvy speaks to both the complexity...

How to Pass that Job Interview

von Julie-Ann Amos

Now in its 5th edition, this book includes: The latest trends and expectations from employers in an ever-changing marketplace. Specific advice for beginners from an industry expert. Updated information on how...

The Definitive Guide to Passing the Police Recruitment Process

von John McTaggart

Every police force in England and Wales uses the same national application form and assessment centre. This book tells you not just about the process, but what you need to do to impress the assessors. Now in...

How to Succeed as a Freelancer in Publishing

von Emma Murray & Charlie Wilson

This book tells you how to build a successful freelance business around supplying publishing services. The publishing industry depends on freelancers: writers and editors, proofreaders and designers, PR and...

Global Logistic Chain Security

von Frédéric CARLUER, Olivier JOLY & Yann ALIX

The ‘100% scanning’ law, or House Resolution 1 (H.R. 1), aims to protect US territory against terrorist risks likely to affect the global logistic chain. A unilateral step, it may be perceived as a disguised...

Option Spread Strategies: Trading Up, Down, and Sideways Markets

von Anthony J. Saliba, Joseph C. Corona & Karen E. Johnson

Spread trading—trading complex, multi-leg structures--is the new frontier for the individual options trader. This book covers spread strategies, both of the limited-risk and unlimited-risk varieties, and how...

Everything Grant Writing Book

von Nancy Burke

If you're a fundraiser, you know that raising money is the key to every nonprofit's success. But the competition for funds can be fierce and the obstacles many. The Everything Grant Writing Book, 2nd Edition...

The 30 Day MBA in Marketing: Your Fast Track Guide to Business Success

von Colin Barrow

The 30 Day MBA in Marketing gives you all the marketing skills and know-how you would get from an MBA course at a top business school - at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Armstrong's Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management

von Michael Armstrong

Armstrong's Strategic Human Resource Management provides unique practical guidance on implementing the complex HR business strategies that have been formulated by practitioners, academics and consultants.

The Everything Homebuying Book

von Piper Nichole

The good news: It's a buyer's market and interest rates are down. The bad news: It's tougher to get credit and qualify for an affordable mortgage. In this volatile market, potential homebuyers need to arm themselves...

The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance

von Colin Barrow

The 30 Day MBA in Business Finance gives you all the financial and accounting know-how you would get from an MBA course at a top business school or a placement at a top accountancy firm - at a fraction of the...

Managing Coaching at Work: Developing, Evaluating and Sustaining Coaching in Organizations

A Social Media Primer

von Karin Wills

The intent of this book is to avoid the hype and conflicting information surrounding the use of social media in organizations and to point you to resources that have been researched and provide the most reliable...

Not Another Rich Idea

von Eugene Strite

Financial management is an issue that affects everyone, particularly in today's international economy. People in all walks of life and at every socioeconomic level need wise counsel and sound, guiding principles...


von Sandrine Paillard, Sébastien Treyer & Bruno Dorin

How will the world be able to feed close to 9 billion people in 2050 and still maintain the ecosystems? In this perspective, INRA and CIRAD launched the initiative, in 2006, to develop a foresight project for...

Water Governance for Sustainable Development

von Sylvain Perret, Stefano Farolfi & Rashid Hassan

The book examines how water policies, institutions and governance have shifted in recent years from supply-driven, quantitative, centrally controlled management to more demand-sensitive, decentralized participatory...

201 Knockout Answers to Tough Interview Questions: The Ultimate Guide to Handling the New Comptency-Based Interview Style

von Linda MATIAS

In a tight market, job seekers need to be ready to face a challenging new type of interview. This is the book that will prepare them.

The Power of Business Process Improvement: 10 Simple Steps to Increase Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Adaptability

Reinvention: How to Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life

von Brian TRACY

From success expert Brian Tracy...a guide for anyone looking for success, fulfillment, and a fresh start!

The Little Black Book of Project Management

von Michael C THOMSETT

Amacom's classic black book on project management shows a new generation of readers the ropes with all new tips and strategies.