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Africa at a Turning Point?

von Delfin Sia Go & John Page

Since the mid-1990s, sub-Saharan Africa has experienced an acceleration of economic growth that has produced rising incomes and faster human development. However, this growth contrasts with the continent's experience...

Moving People to Deliver Services

von Aaditya Mattoo & Antonia Carzaniga

The WTO is today dealing with an issue that lies at the interface of two major challenges the world faces, trade liberalization and international migration. Greater freedom for the ""temporary movement of individual...

China and the Wto

von Deepak Bhattasali & Shantong Li

China's accession to the WTO requires a great many specific policy reforms. However, if the best results are to be obtained, it is important that these reforms be implemented as part of a consistent development...

Agriculture and the Wto

von Merlinda Ingco & John D. Nash

Developing countries have a major stake in the outcome of trade negotiations conducted under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO). 'Agriculture and the WTO: Creating a Trading System for Development'...

Is Geography Destiny?

von John Luke Gallup & Alejandro Gaviria

For decades, the prevailing sentiment was that since geography is unchangeable, there is no reason why public policies should take it into account. In fact, charges that geographic interpretations of development...

Migrant Labor Remittances in South Asia

von Samuel Munzele Maimbo & Richard Adams

According to a recent World Bank study of remittances, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are all among the top 20 receivers of remittances, with estimated receipts of US$3.2 billion, US$8.4 billion and...

Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries

von M.Ataman Aksoy & John C. Beghin

Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries presents research findings based on a series of commodity studies of significant economic importance to developing countries. The book sets the stage with background...

East Asia Integrates

von Kathie Krumm & Homi Kharas

Emerging East Asian economies have seen their share of world exports more than triple during the past quarter-century, and intraregional trade has driven this growth. Broad measures of development in East Asia...

Toward a Better Future

von Fredriksen Birger & SingKong Lee

'Toward a Better Future' provides a comprehensive analysis of education development in Singapore since 1965, giving particular attention to the strategic management that has enabled Singapore to transform its...

Africa's Future, Africa's Challenge

von Marito H. Garcia & Alan Pence

Early childhood, from birth through school entry, was largely invisible worldwide as a policy concern for much of the twentieth century. Children, in the eyes of most countries, were 'appendages' of their parents...

International Trade in Health Services and the Gats

von Chantal Blouin & Nick Drager

Health ministries around the world face a new challenge: to assess the risks and respond to the opportunities of the increasing openness in health services under the World Trade Organization's (WTO) General...

Earn What You Deserve: How to Stop Underearning & Start Thriving

von Jerrold Mundis

A revolutionary guide to earning power and personal budgeting shows readers how to spend wisely, streamline their finances, and develop a budget that puts their money where they want it to go.

From the Paperback...

The Penguin and the Leviathan: How Cooperation Triumphs over Self-Interest

von Yochai Benkler

What do Wikipedia, Zip Car’s business model, Barack Obama's presidential campaign, and a small group of lobster fishermen have in common? They all show the power and promise of human cooperation in transforming...

The Innovator's Manifesto: Deliberate Disruption for Transformational Growth

von Michael Raynor

In this compelling new book, Michael E. Raynor, coauthor of the national bestseller The Innovator’s Solution, shows that Disruption, Clayton M. Christensen’s landmark theory that explains how fringe ideas...

Childhood Under Siege: How Big Business Targets Children

von Joel Bakan

Corporations have found a new resource to be mined for profit: our children. In this shocking and indelible behind-the-scenes journey, Joel Bakan, acclaimed author and award-winning maker of the renowned film...

As We Speak: How to Make Your Point and Have It Stick

von Peter Meyers & Shann Nix

The world is full of brilliant people whose ideas are never heard. This book is designed to make sure that you’re not one of them.

Even for the most self-confident among us, public speaking can be a nerve-racking...

The Oil Kings: How the U.S., Iran, and Saudi Arabia Changed the Balance of Power in the Middle East

von Andrew Scott Cooper

struggling with a recession . . . European nations at risk of defaulting on their loans . . . A possible global financial crisis. It happened before, in the 1970s.

Oil Kings is the story of how oil came to dominate...

How to Manage Meetings: Improve Problem Solving; Encourage Participation; Keep Control

von Alan Barker

How to Manage Meetings analyses every aspect of holding a meeting and provides reliable advice on how to get it right.

COSO Enterprise Risk Management: Establishing Effective Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Processes

von Robert R. Moeller

A fully updated, step-by-step guide for implementing COSO's Enterprise Risk Management

COSO Enterprise Risk Management, Second Edition clearly enables organizations of all types and sizes to understand and better...

The New Rules of Marketing & PR: How to Use Social Media, Online Video, Mobile Applications, Blogs, News Releases, and Viral Marketing to Reach Buyers

von David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scotts marketing bible has become a modern day business classic.

This is the book every ambitious, forward-thinking, progressive marketer or publicist has at the front of their shelf. Business communication...