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Planning for Learning through Spring

von Rachel Sparks Linfield & Christine Warwick

Plan for six weeks of learning covering all six areas of learning and development of the EYFS through the topic of space. The Planning for Learning series is a series of topic books written around the Early...

100+ Fun Ideas for Modern Foreign Languages

von Sue Cave

100+ Fun Ideas for Practising Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary Classroom contains 137 fun activities for developing oracy and literacy skills. The tried and tested activities in this book can be used...

Reading and Writing the World with Mathematics: Toward a Pedagogy for Social Justice

von Eric Gutstein

Mathematics education in the United States can reproduce social inequalities whether schools use either "basic-skills" curricula to prepare mainly low-income students of color for low-skilled service jobs or...

Critical Approaches to Care: Understanding Caring Relations, Identities and Cultures

von Chrissie Rogers & Susie Weller

What does 'care' mean in contemporary society? How are caring relationships practised in different contexts? What resources do individuals and collectives draw upon in order to care for, care with and care about...

Learning in the Workplace: A Toolkit for Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Health and Social Care Settings

von Joan Mulholland & Chris Turnock

This toolkit is designed for preparing health and social care practitioners for their role in facilitating learning in their workplace. It enables readers to recognise learning opportunities, communicate their...

Best Practices for Teaching with Emerging Technologies

von Michelle Pacansky-Brock

As social media and Web 2.0 technologies continue to transform the learning trends and preferences of students, educators need to understand the applicability of these new tools in all types of learning environments....

Teacher Education and the Challenge of Development: A Global Analysis

von Bob Moon

In developing countries across the world, qualified teachers are a rarity, with thousands of untrained adults taking over the role and millions of children having no access to schooling at all. The supply of...

Learning Online: A Guide to Success in the Virtual Classroom

von Maggie McVay Lynch

Whether taking classes in school, college or university, or in a corporate training setting, it is likely that learners will be expected to do at least part of their studies via the computer. This book provides...

Pedagogies of Difference: Rethinking Education for Social Justice

von Peter Pericles Trifonas

Peter Pericles Trifonas has assembled internationally acclaimed theorists and educational practitioners whose essays explore various constructions, representations, and uses of difference in educational contexts....

Does Quality Pay? Benefits of Attending a High-Cost, Prestigious College

von Liang Zhang

Previous research has generally shown a very small although statistically significant economic benefit from attending high-quality colleges. This small effect was at odds with what students' college choice and...

Next Wave Cultures: Feminism, Subcultures, Activism

von Anita Harris

Whereas once young women's feminist activism could be easily identified, today this resistance seems obscure, transitory, and disorganized. In Next Wave Cultures, established and emerging scholars provide an...

The Aera Handbook on Educational Policy Research

von Gary Sykes, Barbara Schneider & David N. Plank

Co-published by Routledge for the American Educational Research Association (AERA)

Educational policy continues to be of major concern. Policy debates about economic growth and national competitiveness, for...

Integration and the Support Service: Changing Roles in Special Education

von Dr Peter Clough, Peter Clough & Geoff Lindsay

The integration of children with special needs into mainstream schools demands a reorganisation of staff and support levels both in schools and in the advisory services. Integration and the Support Service,...

Study of Educational Politics

von Jay D. Scribner & Donald H. Layton

This text is intended to be of use as a guide for students, scholars and researchers of the politics of education and of educational policy studies. The comprehensive work surveys major trends between 1969 and...

Lesson Study: A Japanese Approach to Improving Mathematics Teaching and Learning

von Clea Fernandez & Makoto Yoshida

Lesson study is a popular professional development approach in Japan whereby teachers collaborate to study content, instruction, and how students solve problems and reach for understanding in order to improve...

Reading Comprehension Research and Testing in the U.S.: Undercurrents of Race, Class, and Power in the Struggle for Meaning

von Arlette Ingram Willis

This book challenges traditional, sanctioned, and official histories of reading comprehension by examining how ideological and cultural hegemony work to reproduce dominant ideologies through education in general...

Technology and the Politics of Instruction

von Jan Nespor

In this study of computer-mediated instruction (CMI) in a U.S. research university that is the site of nationally known innovations in this area, Jan Nespor traces the varying material and organizational entanglements...

Statistical Misconceptions

von Schuyler W. Huck

Brief and inexpensive, this engaging book helps readers identify and then discard 52 misconceptions about data and statistical summaries. The focus is on major concepts contained in typical undergraduate and...

Popular Culture and Critical Pedagogy: Reading, Constructing, Connecting

von Toby Daspit & John A. Weaver

This collection attempts to incorporate cultural studies into the understanding of schooling, not simply addressing how students read themselves as "members" of a distinct culture, but how they, along with teachers...

Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs: A Guide for Assistants in Schools and Pre-Schools

von Marian Halliwell

Written in the context of recent legislation concerning disability and special educational needs, this practical guide contains helpful information about a range of special educational needs and provides clear...