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von Yvonne Sarah Lewis

Rhoda was fired from her last job when her boss's wife found out she'd had sex with him. She tells her new boss Randall, "It won't happen again" and her partner, body-builder Terry, agrees. But fun-loving Rhoda...

Deadly Encounters

von Christy Poff

Dylan Hawke enjoys his quiet life as a musician in a hot local band, though a friend of his has other plans for Dylan’s future. When he meets his friend’s daughter, Julia, sparks fly but not in a good way...

Valhalla Hott

von Constantine De Bohon

Hott, a massive, powerful Viking warrior, loses everything he has to live for in a murderous raid. That is, until the mist parts in the forest he has set out to die in and Odin gifts him with his own special...

Sheila's Legacy

von Desmond Haas

When Scott sees a beautiful red-head at the local coffee shop, he's struck by her beauty. As a few days go by, he notices her again, but puts his interest away as pure lust. One day the woman calls him over...

Dragon Down Under

von Angela Castle

Accused of a crime he did not commit, dragon shifter Kaden, has been exiled to the human realm. His only chance for survival is to find a remote, warm dry place to live, as both man and dragon.

Deeply in debt,...

Moonlighting & School's Out

von M C Scout

MOONLIGHTING: When Patrick Miller and Danny Eastman take a summer job to earn extra cash they meet Rory Dunbrook, a woman who tempts them in many ways. Will moonlighting change their lives or be a summer temptation?...

Desire In the Cards, Aces Up & Strip

von Christy Poff

Doc Callahan gambled to add a little excitement to his life though it took his money and gave nothing back. Lindy Hartnell tried to win some quick cash to pay off some debts. When they meet at the same winner...

Wisdom & Love - Sexy Shorts

von Desmond Haas

On Valentine's Day, Ben and Christine go to the movies, but she is unsure of their relationship. While they have been dating for almost a year, she hasn't told him she loves him, or slept with him. At the theatre,...

I'll Always Find You

von Edna Curry

After the jewelry store where Loni Jacobs works is robbed, a stalker makes her life miserable and she’s sure it’s the thief. She’s followed, gets threatening phone calls and her apartment building burns....

Tempting Tara

von Angela Castle

Tara Clarkson has been searching for her missing sister, Alice, until the night she turns up with two large sexy alien men in tow. Now Tara is pissed as hell after being abducted herself. Alice and her alien...

Treble Destiny

von Desmond Haas

David leaves work early and comes home only to find his fiancee on the living room floor with another man. Throwing both of them out of the house, he succumbs to his migraine. Over time, he befriends his neighbors,...

Satan's Slave

von Emma Wildes

Sailing toward America, Lady Caroline Kendrick is awakened from a sound sleep to a commotion. She is hauled to the top deck where she finds herself immediately the prisoner of the infamous pirate, Satan. Lo...

Temptations Over Central Park

von M C Scout

William Garrett has everything a man could want except the perfect woman to share it with. Seeing a damsel in distress, he steps in to rescue her. Kim Pennington wants to live her own life, though her father...

Eden's Pleasure

von Christy Poff

Eden Conrad’s life is completely turned around when her past comes back to haunt her, literally. When her ex-Master learns of her connection to one of his latest takeovers, he goes into full throttle to get...

Desire Megabook - Six Stories of Erotic Desire

von Christy Poff

Six stories of erotic desire, one low Megabook price from bestselling erotic romance author Christy Poff!

DISIRES UNDER THE FALLS: Desires – we all have them but what happens when they are one person’s wishes...

2-in-1: Partners The Wrong Corpse & The Other Woman

von Kira Chase

Two complete books in the erotic lesbian romance/suspense police thriller series, Partners, from author Kira Chase, including: PARTNERS: THE WRONG CORPSE: Twelve years ago Frankie Barker and Johanna Obrien became...

Siren Warrior Chronicles: Books 7, 8, and 9

von Lindsey Bayer & Michelle O'Neill

Books 7, 8, and 9 in the thrilling Erotic Romance / Science Fiction series from authors Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer, at a special low price, including: Siren Warrior Chronicles Book 7: Volatile Chemistry:...

Den of Seduction

von Christy Poff

For Mallory Jensen, life is not what she ever expected it to be, as she is trapped in marriage to an older man who has secrets she does not want to learn. When she finds a man nearly dead in one of the pastures,...

Liquid Diet & Midnight Snacks: 2 Vampire Satires

von Michael McCarty

INTERLUDE WITH THE VAMPIRE …. OR INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE WRITER As the blood-red sun sets over the Chicago skyline real-life vampire, Andrew Bloodsworth makes his way into WOLF 99.9 FM, an all-night radio...

Resisting Rachel

von Angela Castle

Forced down by enemy fire, The Kelon ship Rachel has been travelling on crashes into a strange alien planet. Stranded until they can be rescued, commander Syl knows the only way to protect Rachel, and stop his...