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The Lost Fens: England's Greatest Ecological Disaster

von Ian D Rotherham

The Lost Fens is the history of the cultural landscape of the Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire Fenlands from the Humber to the Vale of York, to Norfolk. The book draws together the story of changing...

Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

von Doris Garimara Pilkington

This extraordinary story of courage and faith is based on the actual experiences of three girls who fled from the repressive life of Moore River Native Settlement, following along the rabbit-proof fence back...

The Battle of Britain: The Greatest Air Battle of World War II

von Richard Alexander Hough & Denis Richards

A definitive account of the three-month air battle in 1940 between the Royal Air Force and the Luftwaffe.The victory of the Battle of Britain ranks with Marathon and the Marne as a decisive point in history....

Defying Dixie: The Radical Roots of Civil Rights, 1919-1950

von Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore

“Remarkable . . . an eye-opening book [on] the freedom struggle that changed the South, the nation, and the world.” —Washington Post The civil rights movement that looms over the 1950s and 1960s was the...

Global Intellectual History

von Samuel Moyn & Andrew Sartori

Where do ideas fit in historical accounts that take an expansive, global view of human movements and events? Teaching intellectual history scholars to incorporate transnational perspectives into their work,...

The Furies: Violence and Terror in the French and Russian Revolutions

von Arno J. Mayer

The great romance and fear of bloody revolution--strange blend of idealism and terror--have been superseded by blind faith in the bloodless expansion of human rights and global capitalism. Flying in the face...

American Passage: The History of Ellis Island

von Vincent J. Cannato

For most of New York's early history, Ellis Island had been an obscure little island that barely held itself above high tide. Today the small island stands alongside Plymouth Rock in our nation's founding mythology...

Natural Disasters in a Global Environment

von Anthony N. Penna & Jennifer S. Rivers

Natural Disasters in a Global Environment is a transnational, global and environmental history of natural and man-made disasters. Detailed case studies of past and present events are presented in a historical...

Rebirth of a Nation

von Jackson Lears

In the half-century between the Civil War and World War I, widespread yearning for a new beginning permeated American public life. Dreams of spiritual, moral, and physical rebirth formed the foundation for the...

Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana: Race and Politics in Two Plural Societies

von Ann Marie Bissessar & John Gaffar La Guerre

For the first time, an attempt is made to examine the relationship between race and politics in two plural societies in the Caribbean. While there has been no dearth of literature on race, this book contends...

The Spy Who Came In From the Co-op: Melita Norwood and the Ending of Cold War Espionage

von David Burke

On September 11th 1999 The Times newspaper carried the front page article "Revealed: the quiet woman who betrayed Britain for 40 years. The spy who came in from the Co-op." Melita Norwood, the last of the atomic...

The Battle for Syria, 1918-1920

von John D. Grainger

This book charts the continuing war between Britain and France on the one side and the Turkish Empire on the other following the British capture of Jerusalem in 1917. It outlines how the British prepared for...

The Cistercians in the Middle Ages

von Janet Burton & Julie Kerr

The Cistercians (White Monks) were the most successful monastic experiment to emerge from the tumultuous intellectual and religious fervour of the eleventh and twelfth centuries. By around 1150 they had established...

The Bourgeois: Between History and Literature

von Franco Moretti

"I am a member of the bourgeois class, feel myself to be such, and have been brought up on its opinions and ideals," wrote Max Weber, in 1895. Who could repeat these words today?

Thus begins Franco Moretti’s...

Sustainability & Historic Preservation: Toward a Holistic View

von Richard Longstreth, Shary Page Berg & Rebecca Howell Crew

Sustainability and Historic Preservation: Towards a Holistic View broadens the horizons of the mushrooming drive to correlate the objectives of these two spheres. To date, discussions of the relationship between...

Encountering Gorillas: A Chronicle of Discovery, Exploitation, Understanding, and Survival

von James L. Newman

James L. Newman brings a lifetime of study to this powerful exploration of the rich and varied interaction between gorillas and humans since earliest contact. Tragically, most free-living gorillas—facing habitat...

We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance

von David Howarth & Stephen E. Ambrose

We Die Alone recounts one of the most exciting escape stories to emerge from the challenges and miseries of World War II. In March 1943, a team of expatriate Norwegian commandos sailed from northern England...

Disequilibrium, Polarization, and Crisis Model: An International Relations Theory Explaining Conflict

von Isabelle Dierauer

This book adds a social psychological component to the analysis of why nations, sections, or states enter into armed conflict. The Disequilibrium, Polarization, and Crisis Model is introduced, drawing from prospect...

Black Earth: A Journey Through Russia After the Fall

von Andrew Meier

"That Black Earth is an extraordinary work is, for anyone who has known Russia, beyond question."-George Kennan"A compassionate glimpse into the extremes where the new Russia meets the old," writes Robert Legvold...

The American Future

von Simon Schama

Acclaimed historian and award-winning author Simon Schama offers an essential historical perspective on the crucial 2008 presidential election and its importance for reclaiming America's original ideal.