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Social Phenomenology: Husserl, Intersubjectivity, and Collective Intentionality

von Eric S. Chelstrom

Social Phenomenology offers an account of collective intentionality informed by the tradition of Husserlian phenomenology. The account argues that if consciousness and intentionality are only intrinsic to individuals,...

Getting Past Capitalism: History, Vision, Hope

von Cynthia Kaufman

Getting Past Capitalism begins with a critique of the impacts of capitalism on human society and the environment. By taking a fresh look at what capitalism is and at how it is reproduced, it is able to offer...

Refiguring Melodrama in Film and Television: Captive Affects, Elastic Sufferings, Vicarious Objects

von Agustín| Zarzosa

Refiguring Melodrama in Film and Television: Captive Affects, Elastic Sufferings, Vicarious Objects, by Agustín Zarzosa, challenges the long-standing definition of melodrama as a cultural mode that anxiously...

Words for a Small Planet: Ecocritical Views

von Nanette Norris, Eduardo Barros-Grela & Annie M. Ingram

Scholars have begun critically assessing the relationship of modern environmental science, including the study of ecology, to the creation and study of art and culture. In this volume, the voices come from around...

Oil Supply Crises: Cooperation and Discord in the West

von Vessela Chakarova

Oil Supply Crises: Cooperation and Discord in the West, by Vessela Chakarova, offers the most comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of consumer countries’ policies and reactions to oil supply shortages. In addition...

Embodied Moral Psychology and Confucian Philosophy

von Bongrae Seok

The body is not a physical reservoir or temporary means of cognitive processes but the part and parcel of our cognitive and moral life. Confucian philosophy provides insightful discussions and examples of how...

Reinhold Niebuhr's Paradox: Paralysis, Violence, and Pragmatism

von Daniel Malotky

We are caught between tendencies toward moral paralysis and postures of violence, with their intellectual birthing grounds reflected even among those who consciously seek to avoid them. Reinhold Niebuhr’s...

The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom

von Deborah Allison

The Cinema of Michael Winterbottom, by Deborah Allison, examines eight films by the contemporary British director Michael Winterbottom. This study explores the ways his inflection of established genre traditions...

Cyberculture and the Subaltern: Weavings of the Virtual and Real

von Radhika Gajjala

Through interdisciplinary lenses enabled by cultural studies and feminist methodologies, this book, edited by Radhika Gajjala, looks at online microfinance, new technologies, virtual world marketing, and handloom...

The O.C.: A Critical Understanding

von Lori B. Bindig & Andrea M. Bergstrom

The O.C.: A Critical Understanding, by Lori Bindig and Andrea M. Bergstrom, is a feminist cultural studies analysis of the hit television series The O.C. (2003-2007). The show is examined in terms of five ideological...

Adopted: The Ultimate Teen Guide

von Suzanne Buckingham Slade

The challenging teen years can be even more difficult for adopted teens, many of whom have unanswered questions that may result in fear, anger, and low self-esteem. Adopted: The Ultimate Teen Guide enables young...

The Little Book of Real Estate Investing in Canada

von Don R. Campbell & Patrick Francey

Canada's bestselling author on real estate draws back the curtain on real estate investing

Investing in real estate has often been viewed as the poor second cousin to the stock and bond markets. The misperception...

Fight Back: 81 Ways to Help You Save Money and Protect Yourself from Corporate Trickery

von Ellen Roseman

Money-saving advice from Canada's leading consumer advocate

In this book Ellen Roseman distills the financial advice she gives in her columns and blogs into 81 quick tips that all Canadians can use to help them...

Just Business: Multinational Corporations and Human Rights (Norton Global Ethics Series)

von John Gerard Ruggie

"A true master class in the art of making the impossible possible." —Paul Polman One of the most vexing human rights issues of our time has been how to protect the rights of individuals and communities worldwide...

The Bonobo and the Atheist: In Search of Humanism Among the Primates

von Frans De Waal

In this lively and illuminating discussion of his landmark research, esteemed primatologist Frans de Waal argues that human morality is not imposed from above but instead comes from within. Moral behavior does...

The Birth of an Opera: Fifteen Masterpieces from Poppea to Wozzeck

von Michael Rose

The Birth of an Opera offers illuminating insight into how operas are written and the personalities, incidents, and musical circumstances that have shaped their composition. Through a deft compilation of primary...

Comfortable Words: Polity, Piety and the Book of common Prayer

von Stephen Platten & Christopher Woods

Leading historical and liturgical scholars reflect on the history and impact of Book of Common Prayer, the most important liturgical text in English.

Individual Case Formulation

von Richard S. Hallam

Individual Case Formulation presents formulation as a process that can be taught systematically to trainee therapists. The book begins by discussing assorted theories of case formulation, and critiques their...

Essential Matlab for Engineers and Scientists

von Brian Hahn & Dan Valentine

The fifth edition of Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists provides a concise,  balanced overview of MATLAB's functionality that facilitates independent learning, with coverage of both the fundamentals...

Pyridines: from lab to production: from lab to production

von Eric F.V. Scriven

Provides a synthetic armory of tools to aid the practicing chemist by reviewing the most reliable historical methods alongside new methods/ Written by scientists who have actually used these in synthesis. By...