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Tax-Exempt Organizations and Constitutional Law: Nonprofit Law as Shaped by the U.S. Supreme Court

von Bruce R. Hopkins

A comprehensive guide to understanding the theory and implications of constitutional law as it relates to tax-exempt organizations

Although the U.S. Constitution does not make any reference to nonprofit organizations—not...

Win with Advanced Business Analytics: Creating Business Value from Your Data

von Jean-Paul Isson & Jesse Harriott

Plain English guidance for strategic business analytics and big data implementation

In today's challenging economy, business analytics and big data have become more and more ubiquitous. While some businesses...

Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2012

von Ivor Horton

The only book to teach C++ programming with Microsoft Visual Studio!

There's a reason why Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ books dominate the marketplace. Ivor Horton has a loyal following who love his winning...

Knitting for Dummies

von Allen, Tracy Barr & Shannon Okey

Whether you’re just picking up knitting needles for the first time or you’ve been knitting for years, Knitting For Dummies, 2nd Edition, will be your pattern for knitting success. Have you always wanted...

Mentor: Guiding the Journey of Adult Learners (with New Foreword, Introduction, and Afterword)

von Laurent A. Daloz

With a new introduction and afterword, this revised second edition is a practical, engaging exploration of mentoring and its power to transform learning. Filled with inspiring vignettes, Mentor shows how anyone...

Online Reputation Management for Dummies

von Lori Randall Stradtman

More important than ever--how to manage your online reputation

In today's social world, managing your online reputation is more critical than ever, whether it's your company brand or yourself as a brand, and...

Game Design Secrets

von Wagner James Au

Design great Facebook, iOS, and Web games and learn from the experts what makes a game a hit!

This invaluable resource shows how to put into action the proven design and marketing techniques from the industry's...

Loss Models: From Data to Decisions

von Stuart A. Klugman, Harry H. Panjer & Gordon E. Willmot

Praise for the Third Edition

"This book provides in-depth coverage of modelling techniques used throughout many branches of actuarial science. . . . The exceptional high standard of this book has made it a pleasure...

Redox Biocatalysis: Fundamentals and Applications

von Daniela Gamenara, Gustavo Seoane & Patricia Saenz Méndez

Paves the way for new industrial applications using redox biocatalysis

Increasingly, researchers rely on the use of enzymes to perform redox processes as they search for novel industrial synthetic routes. In...

Nanoparticulate Materials: Synthesis, Characterization, and Processing

von K. Lu

Serving as the only systematic and comprehensive treatment on the topic of nanoparticle-based materials, this book covers synthesis, characterization, assembly, shaping and sintering of all types of nanoparticles...

Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses: A Clinical Approach

von Robin Sturtz & Lori Asprea

Anatomy and Physiology for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses: A Clinical Approach is a comprehensive resource on the anatomy and physiology of dogs and cats, with comparisons to horses, birds, and ruminants....

Practical Guide to Equine Colic

von Louise Southwood

Practical Guide to Equine Colic takes a step-by-step clinical approach to the medical management of this common condition. Covering colic management and treatment from the veterinarian’s first involvement...

Black Sabbath and Philosophy: Mastering Reality

von William Irwin

A philosophical look at heavy metal's dark masters of reality, Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath is one of the world's most influential and enduring rock bands. Dubbed "the Beatles of heavy metal" by Rolling Stone,...

Autodesk 3ds Max 2013 Bible

von Kelly L. Murdock

The most comprehensive e-book reference on Autodesk 3ds Max 2013!

Autodesk 3ds Max is used to create 80 percent of commercially available games and is also a key tool for visual effects artists and graphic designers...

The Magic of Ceramics

von David W. Richerson

Most people would be surprised at how ceramics are used, from creating cellular phones, radio, television, and lasers to its role in medicine for cancer treatments and restoring hearing. The Magic of Ceramics...

Estuarine Ecology

von John W. Day, W. Michael Kemp & Alejandro Y??ez-Arancibia

Estuaries are among the most biologically productive ecosystems on the planet--critical to the life cycles of fish, other aquatic animals, and the creatures which feed on them. Estuarine Ecology, Second Edition...

Records Management for Dummies

von Richardson

Here's what you should know to manage data records efficiently

With proper electronic data management, your business can lower costs, improve efficiency, eliminate duplication, and be protected in the event of...

Basic Yoga Postures and Series in a Day for Dummies

von Georg, Ph.D. Feuerstein & Larry, Ph.D. Payne

Learn basic yoga postures and series in a day? Easy.

Want to start enjoying the benefits of yoga today? The secret's out—you can quickly get up-to-speed on the basics of yoga and begin your workout with the...

The Nurse Practitioner's Guide to Nutrition

von Lisa Hark, Kathleen Ashton & Darwin Deen

The Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to Nutrition is a comprehensive clinical resource for nurse practitioners working in a variety of clinical care settings. Emphasizing practical nutrition information, this accessible...

Information Overload: An International Challenge for Professional Engineers and Technical Communicators

von Judith B. Strother, Jan M. Ulijn & Zohra Fazal

A unique approach to information overload, combining theory and practical solutions

Written and edited by an international group of experts from academia and industry, Information Overload clearly links academic...