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Global Civil Society: Contested Futures

von Gideon Baker & David Chandler

For many commentators, global civil society is revolutionising our approach to global politics, as new non-state-based and border-free expressions of political community challenge territorial sovereignty as...

The Group of Seven: Finance Ministries, Central Banks and Global Financial Governance

von Andrew Baker

We are now in the era of the G8, although the G7 still exists as a grouping for Finance Ministers. Why do G7 finance ministries and central banks co-operate? What are the implications of this co-operation for...

Handbook of Contemporary European Social Theory

von Gerard Delanty

Consisting of thirty critical full-length chapters from renowned, established scholars, this volume takes the wider European context into consideration and is a timely appraisal of the distinctive themes of...

Rights: Sociological Perspectives

von Lydia Morris

This pioneering book demonstrates how different traditions of sociological thought can contribute to an understanding of the theory and practice of rights. It provides a sociological treatment of a wide range...

Local Electronic Government

von Helmut Dru?ke

This book investigates how the internet is being used as a tool for comprehensively modernizing local government

Learning in Organizations: Complexities and Diversities

von Peter J Smith & Eugene Sadler-Smith

Taking a fresh and innovative approach to the complexities and challenges inherent in organizational learning diversity, the authors show that there are no generic solutions. They argue there is no 'best way'...

Grievance Administration (Sikayet) in an Ottoman Province: The Kaymakam of Rumelia's 'Record Book of Complaints' of 1781-1783

von Michael Ursinus

The 'Record Book of Complaints', from the office of the governor-general (beylerbey) of Rumelia, is an exceptional manuscript of the Ottoman archive. It offers a unique insight into the experience of Ottoman...

Japan S Development Aid: Old Continuities and New Directions

von David Arase

Filling a gap in the existing literature, this book analyzes the distinctive features of Japan's development aid, especially technical co-operation, in comparison with other donors' aid. Incorporating a wealth...

Studies in Jaina History and Culture: Disputes and Dialogues

von Peter Flügel

The last ten years have seen interest in Jainism increasing, with this previously little-known Indian religion assuming a significant place in religious studies.

Studies in Jaina History and Culture breaks new...

Perception and Reality in the Modern Yugoslav Conflict: Myth, Falsehood and Deceit 1991-1995

von Brendan O'Shea

In this book, the author has tried bridge the gap between the common perception of the Yugoslav conflict as portrayed in the media and the actual grim reality with which he was dealing as an EU monitor on the...

Gypsy and Traveller Ethnicity: The Social Generation of an Ethnic Phenomenon

von Brian A Belton

The book explores the notion of Gypsy and Traveller ethnicity and provides a critique of the conceptual basis of racial and ethnic categorisation. An analysis of the post-war housing situation is given in order...

Human Rights and World Trade: Hunger in International Society

von Ana Gonzalez-Pelaez

A new and incisive analysis of the political viability of human rights, with an in-depth investigation of its largest violation: world hunger.

Gonzalez-Pelaez develops John Vincent's theory of basic human...

The Biblical World

von John Barton

The Biblical World is a comprehensive guide to the contents, historical settings and social context of the Bible. It presents the fruits of years of specialist study in an accessible form, and is essential reading...

The Royal Navy and Maritime Power in the Twentieth Century

von Ian Speller

This book adopts an innovative new approach to examine the role of maritime power and the utility of navies. It uses a number of case studies based upon key Royal Navy operations in the twentieth century to...

International Science Between the World Wars: The Case of Genetics

von Nikolai Krementsov

What is international science and how does it function? This book answers these questions through a detailed study of international congresses on genetics held from 1899 to 1939. It presents a portrait of international...

IMF, World Bank and Development

von Alberto Paloni & Maurizio Zanardi

The debate on whether or not the International Monetary Fund and World Bank and their intervention strategies are a positive force for change in the developing world continues to rage. Featuring both macroeconomic...

Multiculturalism, Muslims and Citizenship: A European Approach

von Tariq Modood, Anna Triandafyllidou & Ricard Zapata-Barrero

This informative collection investigates the European dimension of multiculturalism and immigration. It argues that political theory discourse of multiculturalism and resulting EU policies assume an interpretation...

Journalism and Democracy in Asia

von Michael Bromley & Angela Romano

Journalism and Democracy in Asia addresses key issues of freedom, democracy, citizenship, openness and journalism in contemporary Asia, looking especially at China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines and...

Living with Transition in Laos: Market Intergration in Southeast Asia

von Jonathan Rigg

Laos - the Lao People's Democratic Republic - is one of the least understood and studied countries of Asia. Its development trajectory is also one of the most interesting, as it moves from state, or perhaps...

Japanese Apologies for World War II: A Rhetorical Study

von Jane Yamazaki

Post-war Japan offers a compelling case study of national apologies for past wrongdoings. Actions of the Japanese Army and government during the Second World War caused enormous suffering and distress throughout...