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Angel Academy - Angels Down Below

von Kate Tym

LITTLE MISS NASTY Jeanie Badini is spoiled, selfish and spiteful and it's up to enterprising angels Colin, Mo and Ronnie to turn little Miss Nasty into little Miss Nice. Will the trying trio be able to make...

Lions Of Lingmere 2 - Lion Country

von Colin Dann

Ellen and Lorna, the twin lionesses transported from Lingmere Zoo in England to an African sanctuary, have been renamed. They are African lions now. Ellen has become Kimya, which means quiet and Lorna is now...

The Crew

von Margaret Mayhew

A Lancaster bomber required a crew of seven men. Van, the pilot is American, Jock, Flight Engineer a Scot. Piers, the hopeless navigator is a foppish aristocrat - 'Frightfully sorry, Skipper, not absolutely...

Diary Days

von Ghillian Potts

Yasmin has a problem. Her cat's just had six kittens and Mum says Yasmin can't keep them. If she doesn't find homes for them they'll have to go to the Cat Protection home! Mr Williams has asked the class to...

A Witch In The Classroom!

von Ghillian Potts

"You're a frog, Ryan James, you're a frog. Slimy and jumpy, bug-eyed and lumpy . . ."

Abigail is thrilled when she discovers that she's a witch - at last she can get her own back on her bullying classmate, Ryan....

William and Harry: Behind the Palace Walls

von Katie Nicholl

William and Harry is a fascinating insight into the lives and loves of two extraordinary young men who have captured not only the hearts and minds of not only the British public, but those the world over. This...

The Crew

von Bali Rai

Meet Ellie, Jas, Della, Will and Billy. They're tough. They're street-smart. They're the Crew, and they live in what they call the Ghetto - the estates round the city centre where everyone is skint and it's...


von Alison Prince

Boojer is sick of being stuck in a hutch with no company and an owner who hardly ever remembers to feed him. Encouraged by some cheerful mice, he manages to escape. Boojer is only in search of juicy carrots...

A Wish For Wings

von Robert Swindells


Jenna is thirteen - and has suddenly realized what she wants to do with her life. She wants to fly. Like Grandad's...

The Thousand Eyes Of Night

von Robert Swindells

The skeleton lay on its back. The jaws gaped and one arm lay across the chest as through flung there to ward off a blow . . .

The Tangle is a long, narrow stretch of derelict land, a wilderness of weeds and...

One Hundred Percent Lunar Boy

von Stephen Tunney

Two thousand years in the future, the Moon has become a run down experiment in terra-forming and colonization with a dusty patina and a bright red sky. To sixteen-year-old Hieronymus Rexaphin, however, it is...

A Nurse in Action

von Evelyn Prentis

'We were quickly learning to live with war. We became very proficient at moving the patients who could walk quickly to the shelters when the sirens went. We were equally proficient at talking those who couldn't...

Disease Signs In The Iris

von Theodor Kriege & A.W. Priest

Disease Signs in the Iris is intended for those who already have knowledge of the basic principles of irisdiagnosis. Part 1 is a translation from the German of the original work on iris interpretation by Theodor...

The New Pocket Kobbé's Opera Book

von Earl Of Harwood

The New Pocket Kobbe's Complete Opera Book is the world's leading reference work on opera, and (in the words of Bernard Levin) 'no single-volume operatic guide can possibly compare with it'. Kobbe is the only...

The Bottle-Top King

von Jonathan Kebbe

RESPECT. That's what Lewis wants from his classmates. Nicknamed USELESS LEWIS or LOO BRUSH, he's fed up with his stammer, fed up that he can't pluck up the nerve to join the drama club - and fed up that the...


von Adam Thorpe

' outwardly the unfilmable script of a would-be English cineste, one Richard Arthur Thornby currently lecturing in Texas on the cinema. He airs a hypothetical movie of both his own American present and his middle-class...

The Singular Mark Twain: A Biography

von Fred Kaplan

In this magisterial full-scale biography of America’s greatest storyteller and satirist, Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award finalist Fred Kaplan refashions our image of Mark Twain and etches a vibrant...

From The Neanderthal

von Adam Thorpe

The poems in Adam Thorpe's latest collection are concerned with the continuum between two worlds: the lived present and the felt past. With the attentive care of an archaeologist he uncovers and examines fragments...

You Can Do It, Stanley

von Irena Green & Susan Hellard

Ben is growing a sunflower for the class competition. His green-fingered grandad has lent him his gardening gloves and given him plenty of advice, so all should be well. But Grandad doesn't know about sneaky...

The Young Ones

von Mary Jane Staples

Once they had been called Orrice and Effel, two bedraggled, scruffy waifs who lived rough off the streets of Walworth. Now they were Horrace and Ethel Cooper, grown up - quite respectable really - and living...