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Local Secrets

von Jan Jones

The third story in the Penny Plain mystery series by Jan Jones.

Picturesque Salthaven is being targeted with graffiti - especially the Seagull Brewery, owned by the family of Penny Plain's son's girlfriend....

Instant Guides: 1 - Organising a Staff Conference

von Liam O'Connell

Top business guru Liam O'Connell tells you all you need to know about organising a staff conference.

Packed with great tips and practical advice on how to plan and organise, this book will help you ensure your...

concrete5 for Developers

von Uzayr Sufyan bin

Whether you have had some previous experience with concrete5 or are entirely new to it, this book will help you understand all that you need to know in order to get started with concrete5 development. A background...

Weak Messages Create Bad Situations: A Manifesto

von David Shrigley

A personal message from the author: Lots of individuals in society today are feeble-minded. They don't know what the HELL is going on. Unfortunately many of these people are responsible for running THE COUNTRY....

Reluctant Partnerships

von Ariel Tachna

2nd Edition

A Partnership in Blood novel

Thanks to the efforts of Raymond Payet and l'ANS, vampires now have the same legal rights as mortals, and research at l'Institut Marcel Chavinier is focusing on the...

Perilous Partnership

von Ariel Tachna

2nd Edition

A Partnership in Blood novel

A year after the end of the war that brought them together, Raymond Payet and Jean Bellaiche have found a balance in their relationship: Jean drinks only Raymond's...

Reparation in Blood

von Ariel Tachna

2nd Edition

Sequel to Conflict in Blood

Partnership in Blood: Volume Four

The war is at a fever pitch with both sides stretched to the limit, when the dark wizards score a shocking victory and capture Orlando...

Lycan Partnership

von Ariel Tachna

2nd Edition

A Partnership in Blood novel

By the time the alpha of the Morvan werewolf pack approaches l'Institut Marcel Chavinier for help solving his people's fertility problems, pack numbers have dwindled...

Conflict in Blood

von Ariel Tachna

2nd Edition

Sequel to Covenant in Blood

Partnership in Blood: Volume Three

As the Alliance wizard-vampire partnerships grow stronger, the dark wizards feel the effects and become increasingly desperate to...

Covenant in Blood

von Ariel Tachna

2nd Edition

Sequel to Alliance in Blood

Partnership in Blood: Volume Two

The wizards and the vampires have forged an alliance based on blood and magic, hoping to turn the tide of the war against the dark...

Air and Earth

von Rowan McAllister

When absentminded video game developer Jay Thurson impulsively follows his intuition westward, he never expects his rideshare to turn out to be a gun-toting madman. In an act of desperation, Jay turns for help...

In Me an Invincible Summer

von Ryan Loveless

To an outsider's view, world-famous action star Joe Nestra lives the Hollywood dream-parties, women, and a high-profile divorce. In reality, Joe's agent directs his public life. Those women he's supposedly intimate...

I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills

von Connor Wright

Justinian Clark, a new-minted journeyman scribe, has a lot of faith: faith in God goes without saying, faith in the orderly workings of the universe, faith in the administrative minutiae that ticks along in...

Winds of Change & Eye of the Storm

von Lee Rowan

3rd Edition

Sequel to Ransom

Royal Navy Series: Book Two

Winds of Change

Lieutenants William Marshall and David Archer, of His Majesty's frigate Calypso, have been lovers for more than a year. Because the...

Be My Human

von Julie Lynn Hayes & M.A. Church

Sequel to Be My Alien

Moonlit Skies: Book Two

Reed and Taz are still adjusting to their new lives together when a medical emergency sends them flying down to Florida on short notice. Not quite the way Reed...

Listverse.com's Astounding Bathroom Reader: Loads of Top Ten Lists About Dolphin Superpowers, Deadly Competitions, Pranks Gone Wrong and Much More Inc

von Jamie Frater

Crazy-but-true trivia, bizarre occurrences, despicable torture, hilarious records, unbelievable creatures, and many more fascinating facts

It’s a crazy world out there! Listverse.com’s Astounding Bathroom...

March to Destruction

von Art McGrath

Highly entertaining, well researched and original in thought. It has the makings of a classic to be placed alongside Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Adventures of Gerard," and David Johnson's "The Proud Canaries."...

We're Engaged!: Photographing Vibrant and Joyful Portraits of the Happy Couple

von Bob Davis & Dawn Davis

Today’s brides- and grooms-to-be have grown up inundated by world-class photography on the Internet, television, magazines, and social networking sites. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these savvy, image-conscious...

3-Minute Horsemanship: 60 Amazingly Achievable Lessons to Improve Your Horse When Time Is Short

von Vanessa Bee

A new book especially written for the time-starved 21st-century horse owner! Do you day after day make a promise to train yourself and your horse to be better at something, but when you get to the barn there...

Sumi-e: The Art of Japanese Ink Painting (Downloadable Material)

von Shozo Sato

In this eagerly awaited treasury, renowned Japanese master Shozo Sato offers his own personal teaching on the beautiful art of sumi-e. Sumi-e: The Art of Japanese Ink Painting provides step-by-step, photo-by-photo...