Are These Eyeballs?

Are These Eyeballs?

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Contained within are two short stories that will hopefully make you think twice before turning out the lights.

In "Are These Eyeballs" a Halloween game threatens to do more than scare the neighbourhood kids.

In "The Cubicle" one man revisits his past and has the chance to find closure.

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davejeffery (9 Bücher)
Sonntag, 07. November 2010, 14:49 Uhr

Twin tales of the horrific and brutal kind, yet delivered in very different ways. "Are these eyeballs" is a pure gross shlock-fest that will have readers squirming throughout. "The Cubical" is no less graphic but the writing is that of poignancy and regret and is ambiguously beautiful. A quality read.


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Garry Charles is the award winning writer of novels, short stories and film scripts.

His short fiction has already been adapted for the screen in both Europe and the US and his written work has appeared both in print and online.

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He also writes reviews for Shock Horror Magazine.



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