Kuy Syan Joshua

Kuy Syan Joshua

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The story of Kûy Syân Joshua tracks two diverse ways of life: Kiowa and white. In 1851, Lana Cooper, a white woman, makes a choice to live with her Kiowa husband, Two Hawks, thus keeping her family from knowing she’s alive. While the western frontier brews in hostilities between indigenous tribes and bluecoats, back east, the country is divided by Civil War. When the war ends, Lana’s first husband Liam O’Connell finds himself on the… (mehr)


Sprache: Englisch

Geschrieben in: 2008

Veröffentlicht: 2011-02-06

Wortanzahl: 4.280 Wörter (≈ 17 Minuten)

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Magnolia Belle is a Texas author who writes primarily about Texas and includes Native American characters.

Her genres include historical fiction and modern day action/romance.

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