In Constant Contact

In Constant Contact

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The good folks at World Weary Avengers are at it again. Now they've come up with a device that keeps you in continual contact with a "professional friend", someone guaranteed to always be there, whenever you need them, to be whatever you need them to be. Now it's up to Kandhi Clarke and her team of test engineers to make sure if does what it's supposed to, and not what it's not, before this latest tech-astrophe is let loose on the world.


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Geschrieben in: 2011

Veröffentlicht: 2011-08-01

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"Author of curiously engaging novellas. His stories are not driven by action but by mood and metaphysics. His premises often begin with fairly standard, often vaguely science-fiction concepts, but he spins those concepts out into melancholy, thoughtful tales in which he explores the emotion and (often) dislocation that people feel when confronted by something outside their normal experience." - Devon Kappa

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