A Taste  Of Your Own Private Hell

A Taste Of Your Own Private Hell

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A great man once said "Hell is other people". I beg to differ. Find out exactly what hell is like in this short story.

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SardoWeems (8 Bücher)
Sonntag, 03. Mai 2015, 06:54 Uhr

I'm afraid it's nothing new or profound. The title was the best part of the story.


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Wortanzahl: 865 Wörter (≈ 3 Minuten)

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Ray Daley was born in Coventry & still lives there. He served 6 yrs in the RAF as a clerk & spent most of his time in a Hobbit hole in High Wycombe. He is a published poet & has been writing stories since he was 10. His current dream is to eventually finish the Hitch Hikers fanfic novel he's been writing since 1986.



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