Dirty College: Real Sex Education

Dirty College: Real Sex Education

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Mr. Peters was known as a tough disciplinarian; for demanding and receiving the best from his students. His methods of discipline were not well received from his wife (at least when he tried to apply them to her) but he had been very well regarded at Abberville Community College for 14 years. To improve education in Templeton College, Miss Harding worked hard to recruit Mr. Peters. She taught Human Biology, and had herself grown increasingly frustrated with the students… (mehr)


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Lena has always written at least since she was able to and even before her parents were amazed by the stories she was telling to them and to their friends. But her life has been stopped at the age of 17 by a terrible car accident that put her in a coma for 15 years. When she came back she realize that life is so important that she must enjoy it as much as she can. She had sex with male, female and all sort of things. She took too much medicine to reach the nirvana. She fall in love with a bad man who beat her and killed her daughter, she escape from him and tried to rebuild her life by writing. She is now leaving in a small house in a poor neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. She tried to be published by regular editors but they never paid attention to the books she sent to them. She decided to self-publish herself on Internet because she can’t live or die before getting known.

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