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An insomniac braves the edge of madness when he becomes obsessed with a painting.


Sprache: Englisch

Geschrieben in: 2013

Veröffentlicht: 2013-01-08

Wortanzahl: 4.591 Wörter (≈ 18 Minuten)

Lizenz: Namensnennung - Keine kommerzielle Nutzung - Keine Änderung

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Andrew lives in Chicago with his small family that consists of two cats (one seems to be an ancient vampire and the other a reincarnated serial killer), a dog (she works part time as a lake monster), and his amazing and supportive wife, Karen. She is also his editor, proof reader, and test audience.
Andrew grew up reading books by H.G. Wells, The Anarchists Cookbook, Sun Tzu's Art of War, and the classic Dune trilogy by Frank Herbert. The TV was either tuned to Star Trek, Doctor Who, or a science documentary. Carl Sagan's Cosmos series was a source of countless daydreams and quests at the library to learn more.
When asked how he comes up with stories he usually shrugs and says; “It's attention deficit disorder in action.”
If you like his stories be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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