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In a slightly alternate world the minds of teen offenders are uploaded into computers for rehabilitation—a form of virtual wilderness therapy. Zach is a homo cognoscens, one of the new humans who can enter the virtual Fulgrid. Though still a high school student, he is indentured to the Fulgur Corporation as a counsellor. Laura is a homo sapiens. Their story is part odyssey, part tragedy, part riff on the nature of consciousness.

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Samstag, 14. August 2010, 16:33 Uhr

I use my Kindle to listen to books as I drive, frequenlty offroad. This book had me stopping in the middle of the trail repeatedly to 'rewind' and listen to a passage again. Mr. Lowe has a unique and satisfying style of storytelling that has created in me a terrible impatience as I await his future tales. An engaging and thoughtful look at the future of youth empowerment with a wonderfully dystopic feel.

Samstag, 08. Mai 2010, 00:44 Uhr

I wouldn't exactly put this in the young adult category! Very interesting concept, well written, a little confusing at times but that is by intention I think.

I'll be looking for more from this writer.


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