E Zhivindi Yag - The Living Fire

E Zhivindi Yag - The Living Fire

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Internationally renowned Romani activist Ronald Lee's autobiographical novel, formerly published as "Goddam Gypsy", is an intense, fast moving, and brutally honest affair. Yanko--a Canadian Rom who 'took the non-Romani way but didn't go far'--seeks his fortunes both among and apart from the Roma, never quite finding his place. His story exposes the out of sight, out of mind world of Canada's Roma in 1970's Montreal: Parties, rackets, bar brawls, weddings, desperate… (mehr)

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MagoriaBooks (1 Buch)
Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009, 20:48 Uhr

I (the Publisher) am hoping to gauge interest in a full eBook release of this book by means of this 3 chapter 30 - 60 page (depending on page size) preview.

Any comments, suggestions, and feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Magoria Books


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