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Bus New York to Boston to enjoy the Niagara Falls

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Sum of me pomes

von Doug Buckley

Poetic souls write poems but I only write pomes. A couple of these have appeared in the print magazine QUADRANT. Newies are added here occasionally.

Isabella's Passion

von Lexie X

Isabella's reached a crossroads, and she'll never be the same. Piper's happier than ever. The school year is over, and it's time to move on, in more ways than one. A surprise guest brings a great deal of pain......

A Song For Heart and Soul

von S.E. Schott

Thorin and Fíli die, but Kíli lives: he must now accept a crown he never wanted. His first challenge is to rebuild Erebor, but master masons are now hard to come by among Durin's folk. Enter Kivi, a dwarf-maid...

The Mad Prophet Trilogy

von John F Carver

Another metaphor that is as close to true this time as I can manage without the Creator were to write it. I am a Christian but I hope to display my beliefs herein in a way any Christian might



Omnipotent Access I

von John F Carver

This book's as close as I can come to the truth as I understand it in story form about the creator as a metaphor; stories based on His principles. This first book in the planned Omnipotent Access series involves...

The Next Big Thing

von Tom Lichtenberg

Record producer Jonathan Kandell would go to the ends of the earth to find the next big thing in rock and roll. For some people, the end of the earth is right around the corner, hiding in plain sight.

Transitions (Spiritual Short Stories)

von Hallett German

Each day we find ourselves in a state of imbalance in a world of impermanence, These new traditional Buddhist-inspired stories talk about various ways to right ourselves when there is no ground under us. These...

Sweet Trade of the Red Coral

von nownewstrue

Captain Ezekiel Jones thinks he's just won the ship Red Coral from Captain Argus the Black in a poker game, instead he's won much more... 1st place winner of the Pirate themed story on Bookrix 2010



The Guns Fell Silent

von Stanley Wilson

Thoughts of a Tommy at the end of the WW1



3D Architectural Visualization

von 3d architectural rendering

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Tranquility, At Last

von Ray Daley

When man first landed on the moon, he almost didn't make it. What would have happened if he hadn't? Read on and find out.

Isabella's First

von Lexie X

Piper has a plan, and, with the help of her friends, she’s going to give her girlfriend the best birthday night of her life. Isabella will find herself drawn through a slowly escalating situation until there’s...