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Selected Poems 2004-2007 (Free poetry download)

von Jason Sturner

SELECTED POEMS 2004-2007 © is a collection of unique poems written after the publication of Sturner's first book, KAIROS (2004). These poems have been praised by readers for their honesty, emotional depth,...

10 Love Poems (Free poetry download)

von Jason Sturner

10 LOVE POEMS © is a collection of Sturner's most romantic poetry, praised by readers for its honesty, emotional depth, and strong use of imagery. In addition to being gathered in book form, these poems have...

Kairos (Free poetry download)

von Jason Sturner

First book of poetry by Illinois poet Jason Sturner, who at the time of publication went under the pen name jason e. KAIROS © is a thoughtful collection of experiences had and things observed. These poems have...