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The Deniers

von William Hrdina

A story about a kid named Hank who refuses to go along with the program.

Dream Odyssey (With Lovecraft As Guide)

von Abhay Adil

Influenced by Dante's Inferno A Tale of a narrator's journey through the dream realm with H.P. Lovecraft as guide



Stuck in a Hotel Room Closet on a Friday Night

von William Hrdina

Stuck in a Closet on a Friday Night was first written in 2001. I recently found the handwritten story in a pile of old papers. It is the second story in what I planned to be a trilogy of “This is so Stupid”...

Superhero Quick-Change Blues

von William Hrdina

The early trials and tribulations of a failed superhero.

A Bong Named Droopy

von William Hrdina

A silly story about a bong Bobby Stoner had in college that wanted one thing more than any other: respect. If you enjoy this story, you should check out the full length novel: The Diary of Bobby Stoner- available...

Snoopy Is a Time Lord

von WilliamHrdina

A mash-up of Dr. Who and the classic animated special "You're the Greatest Charlie Brown." For the first time, Charlie Brown's never-ending failures get an explanation.

Joe the Satirist

von William Hrdina

A horror story in the style of Mark Twain.

Michael Bay Must Die!!  --A Satire

von William Hrdina

A surreal satire about some toys who learn about Bay's movies and vow to get revenge for the way he portrays them- and the universe as a whole.

Spiritual Journey of the Mystics (Suluk-e-Airfaan)

von Mirza Javad Agha Maliki Tabrizi - XKP

Etiquette of the Holy Month of Ramadhan. A comprehensive Commentary About the Esoteric Essence of the Holy Month of Ramadhan. ISLAMICMOBILITY.COM AL-ISLAM.ORG Book Cover courtesy: AL-MUBIN.ORG


von Ayatullah Najafi Quchani - XKP

Man instinctively desires to have an understanding of the life Hereafter, i.e. the life after death and the state of the Barzakh (the interval between death and resurrection), which we all have to face. Certain...

Perhaps and the Beautiful Stranger

von Annee Nymas

A short story. Reflections on how the Universe can turn an every day, uphill journey into a trek through unrequited passion and self-doubt...

The Yaakmen Of Tyrie

von Mark Paul Jacobs

An approximate 55% excerpt of my Sci-Fi, action adventure epic "The Yaakmen of Tyrie". An epic adventure of monumental proportions A heroic tale of perseverance, bravery, loss, betrayal, and redemption A deep,...

The Prodigal Son

von Jake Huther

A man seeks help from a priest, and ends up sharing his incredible life story. To anyone that reads this and likes it - comments are very welcome! I want to know what you think, and would love your ideas to...