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The Foreshadowed Land

von Kurt Ulmer

Australia: the island continent. Strange animals, unfamiliar plants, beautiful beaches and scenery plus: a trap for young players. Beware, all is not as it seems.

150 Quotes About Success And Life

von Wael El-Manzalawy

“Failure can destroy you if you are weak, but if you are strong you can destroy failure.” –Wael El-Manzalawy One quote may summarize the idea of a whole chapter. This book contains about 150 quotes by...

A Taste of Life

von Trine Daely

A small sample collection of Life Games.


von Robyn Coole

A young high school student finds herself in a very strange parallel world. Her dreams have gotten the better of her and taken over. If she could just set down her anger she would resolve the problem so easily....



Life's Way

von Metha Metharom

A bunch of self help guides compilated into book format for easy reading, on the matter of spiritual awakening.

Where Were You? (2010)

von Rob Walker

The latest in an ongoing series of notations concerning high-profile or otherwise notable deaths. Since 1992 have I recorded “where I was” when I learned about such passings, along with whatever thoughts...


von Benjamin Leach

Our heart beats only so many times in our life. This is the journey of one man's life.


von Christina

How long does it take to accept your fate ? With a little help maybe ?

Descent into Madness: A Tryst with Lunacy

von C. A. Stommel

A collection of short stories where the author of each is mad or crazy or insane. Come along on this twisting journey I've created.

More Inspiratios 25

von Luiz Guilherme

More inspirations (a little) more than life to those who read and want a little something different in his life. this is a bit more than I can, what you dream and think. and that way, I share this, which is...

Iced Coffee Tweets

von Iced Coffee

My life in Tweets.



Fish Pie

von Dick Fletcher

The author does not like - has never liked - fish pie.



The Birthday Surprise

von Paul V. Fornatar

This twelve year old will never forget his party.

What She Drove

von J.T. Warren

The mangled wreck of a PT Cruiser can be a tortured soul's last refuge. It can cleanse the pain, soothe the hurt, but this car and what lives on inside it doesn't offer peace without consequence. Once you enter...

A Life Bared

von C. A. Stommel

A teddy bear describes moments in his life: From beginning to end. While offering insight into a little girl growing up.

The Lemonade Stand

von J.T. Warren

The virus is spreading across the world and mankind's days are numbered, but for one little girl, this is the perfect time to sell her lemonade. The man she encounters reminds her of her father, but this man...

The Mannequin Child

von J.T. Warren

The mannequin an emotionally scarred couple finds by the side of the road in a trash heap looks too much like their dead son. Is this a delusion or an otherworldly connection?

"Because the question is, would not give up"

von Przemysław Guzik

A powerful essay on the fall in spirit, to cheer our hearts.

Mind Of A Youth

von David Kwaku

This poetry book 'Mind Of a Youth' is about the different emotions I and other youths have experienced and also the way we see the world today at our age and we know that it is not going to change unless we...

The End...

von BoredTech

One man will discover what it is truly like to be created in God's image. He will have the help of a mentor and teacher. He will denounce God. He will slaughter many...