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Practical Laws of Islam

von Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei - XKP

These are the Islamic Laws according to the Fatawa of Ayatullah al-Uzma Sayyid Ali Hosseini Khamenei. Thanks to http://www.leader.ir/tree/index.php?catid=23 - ISLAMICMOBILITY.COM

The Drink Tank - The Wild Party

von Office Supply Publishing

Joseph Moncure March's The Wild Party is a landmark in American narrative poetry. Christopher J Garcia, Vanessa Applegate, and James Bacon have put together this fine issue featuring a look at the original poem...

Now it is evening

von Edworld

Small glimpse of an alternative's Future .... maybe

Captivated by the Carousel

von RoseMary McDaniel a.k.a. Amy Hayle

In the early years, the Homecoming festival had begun to celebrate the Harvest and welcome home those who had left town to return to visit family and friends. But by the mid-1940s, it was more of a Carnival...



Sable's Haircut

von Jenue Brosinski

Chapter 4 of "Land of Balloons". Yara makes it to first grade. She loses Joey. She enjoys Halloween. Sable finds courage and together mother and daughter bond through a horrific experience.

The Holy Quran (English-Yusuf-Ali)

von islamike-af

Asallamu'alaikum wa rahmatu'allahi wa barkatuh Dear Readers, This Quran is translation of Yusuf-Ali. I actually generated it for iPhone's iBook, and I have tested it on iPhone and Kindle Fire HD. It works great....

Islamic State in Bible Prophecy

von Duncan Heaster

An Islamic State in the territory of the land promised to Abraham is definitely required by Bible prophecy- whether or not this refers to the entity currently known as The Islamic State, or ISIS, remains to...



Proyekt Aelita

von François Peneaud

A short science-fiction story set in 1960 USSR. Two Russian scientists launch a forerunner of SETI. Things look good, even their relationship doesn't make too many waves in their repressive society. Until, of...